Should Dwayne Gratz play Safety?

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Gratz TwoWhen it comes to drafting and signing free agents to play in the defensive backfield, I think we can all agree David Caldwell has been a master. Alan Ball is having his best season and Will Blackmon has been a pleasant surprise. The rookies are coming along quite well with Jonathan Cyprien, Dwayne Gratz and Josh Evans showing starting lineup quality of play. Recently Cyprien and Gratz have shown greatly improving game performance.

I’d like to propose an argument that Dwayne Gratz might actually be a safety. In fact, he might not only be a safety, he might be a really good safety, possibly Pro-Bowl quality safety. Here is the basis of my argument.

When you look at the NFL combine numbers for Dwayne Gratz, you see some amazing numbers. Let’s dig deeper.

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