Playing David Caldwell – Fixing the Offense

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Wide Receiver

Justin Blackmon – signed in 2014 – making $4,600,000  (2014)

Cecil Shorts – signed in 2014 – making $  850,000 (2014)

Mike Brown – trapped in 2014- making $  405,000 (2013)

Ace Sanders – signed in 2014 – making $  615,000  (2014)

Justin Blackmon doesn’t get paid if he is suspended. If he can play, then Coach Bradley will play him, if not he won’t. It makes no sense to cut him since he doesn’t cost anything.

Cecil is in his last year next year, so we want to sign him again.

Mike Brown is not under contract but he is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent. That means only the Jaguars can offer him a contract next year and only have to offer a  veteran three year minimum. He either takes it or leaves football. He will be signed for somewhere around $650,000, probably a two or three year deal depending on how he works out the rest of this year.

Free Agent market has Doug Baldwin from Seattle coming free. He is a 25 year old making $650,000. He is one of the small quick guys, but he is lurking close to a 1,000 yard season for Seattle. He is someone we might want to watch and maybe target.

In the draft we might catch someone like Donte Moncrief from Ol’ Miss in the third round. He is a big guy at 6’2” 225 lbs who can bulk up even larger. We might want to pay attention to some of the Ol’ Miss games coming in the rest of November to see if we like him.

I’d like to add options at Wide Receiver but not expensive options. We are ok in this area.

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