David Caldwell owns this defensive mess

David Caldwell needs to take a lot of the blame for the defensive collapse and will need to do much better in the future.

When you look at the Jaguars defensive unit this year verses last year, it is clear where the failures are coming from.  Terrance Knighton and CJ Mosley were much better run stoppers than Roy Miller and Sen’Derrick Marks. Sen’Derrick has stood out for us, but only because he is the only one standing out.

I know Terrance Knighton wasn’t going to sign with us, but Roy Miller has been a royal bust. Why CJ Mosley wasn’t retained, I don’t know. Why Roy Miller was so well thought of makes me wonder about the evaluation process.

Geno Hayes was a targeted signing but he hasn’t been as good as our Daryl Smith was. Daryl is still performing well; Geno Hayes has to be considered another bust of a signing.

I don’t blame the rookies, John Cyprian and Josh Evans for being bad, they are rookies, but they are not holding this team together in the backfield.  You can’t expect rookies to be the strength of the team without excellent coaching (which is another topic).

When you look at the Dave Caldwell signings, Roy Miller and Geno Hayes were bad. Sen’Derrick Marks is acceptable and Will Blackmon has been good. Allen Ball is no one who deserves a lot of praise. I am not sure I wouldn’t prefer Rashean Mathis right now. Rashean is playing well for Detroit. Overall, the defense has fallen down another notch and David Caldwell engineered it.

David Caldwell might have Shad Kahn’s full confidence, but I am having doubts. Rebuilding doesn’t mean you have to become historically bad before you get better. David Caldwell owns a big piece of this classic failure.

-Terry O’Brien

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  • skidoomachzz .

    I agree I still don’t understand the quarterback issues we have

    • Daniel Lago

      What don’t you understand? Both the quarterbacks are awful and Caldwell didn’t like any of the available QBs this offseason.

  • skidoomachzz .

    Haven’t you ever herd of someone being sarcastic? There was a few options out there before the season started not to say they would have been a Payton manning but they would have been better then what we have( and NO I’m not talking about tebow). It doesn’t matter to me I’m a jags fan even if we loose every game, I have been a fan since they came into the league and will continue..

  • Capt B

    Good observation. This team did not have to be this bad, while rebuilding through the draft. The fact that it is points directly at GM Caldwell. Whether through inexperience or poor talent evaluation, I believe, as does the author, that he cut this roster too severely on the defensive side, and the signings he made, particularly Geno Hayes, and Roy Miller have been failures. I truly hope his talent evaluation is better than this in the future…it has to be if we are gonna get better!

    • Terry O’Brien

      I like David Caldwell’s draft. I am not sure his strategy to get better was all that brilliant.