What we really learned from the Rams game

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The Jaguars are getting the royal screw job by the officials. Anyone watching Ace Sanders returning that punt for a touchdown knows there was no foul on that play. We also know you don’t blow the whistle while the running back is upright and fumbling, as in the Indy game.  The Jaguars were beaten as much by Rams home cooking as by the Rams. I could name a number of other instances but suffice it to say the Jaguars have been officiating victims too often this year for my taste.

Austin Pasztor is for real. If Luke Joeckel hadn’t gone down, I think the tackle positions would have been good for the rest of the year. Austin began playing well at the end of last year and it is no surprise he is in the lineup now. I think we are going to like this guy for a long time. He will need developing but I have seen enough to believe in him.

Gus and David now know what they must do. I am ok with Gus Bradley’s positive attitude and I am ok with Dave Caldwell’s drafting, but this game showed them both how much more work is left to be done. This first year will be a disaster and they will gain a stronger resolve to fixing it. Gus will develop the talent as best he can and David Caldwell will be ruthless in his evaluations. These two are about to really dig in to develop this team. Look for more encouraging signs in the second half of this year and then watch the off-season. I think it will be impressive. Our Jaguars are going to come back.  Gus and David will not let it stay like this.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • David

    Pazstor is a pleasant surprise! With each game I believe that we’re seeing more and more from not only the rookies, but also from the less heralded players such as Pazstor. Yeah, it’s been hard to watch, but there really is a lot to be excited about. Is it wrong to say that probably the most exciting thing is possibly seeing Gabbert in a Jags uniform for the last time? I mean I applaud Bradley wanting to see for himself and do his due diligence. It would have been a shame to let go of something without knowing for certain. Now he can move on and continue to evaluate the rest of the players on the roster.

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