May 13, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Matt Scott (5) throws a pass during organized team activities at The Florida Blue Health

3 Bold Predictions for the Jaguars 2013/14 Season

This is year 1 of the Jaguars “rebuilding” phase so anything can happen really. I was as sure as anything that Tebow would be in Black and Teal back in January. This goes to show, we never know what the future holds. So here’s 3 predictions, and while they may seem crazy, they aren’t that far fetched.

1. Matt Scott finishes the year as the Jaguars starting Quarterback. Bradley, Caldwell and Co. didn’t cave in to the hype and dug their heels in deep stating that Tim Tebow will not be a part of the Jacksonville Jaguars. I’ll admit, I was a little hurt. Then they didn’t draft a QB. There was chatter that they had an interest in Scott prior to the draft. Showing his premature genius, Caldwell played the draft to the Jaguars best interest by realising they could draft need and still pick up Scott as a free agent. My guess this decision was made somewhere around the 4th round. Scott is raw, but so was Kaepernick and Wilson heading in. By week 10 they’ll need to see what they’ve got and he’ll get the nod.

2. One vet stays, one vet goes. Eugene Monroe proves he’s an elite Left Tackle and receives the Franchise tag. MJD returns to form and rushes for over 1,300 yards. He doesn’t get the tag, instead he gets a team friendly deal. He’s smart enough to see what happened in Free Agency this year and opts for a decent payday that allows him to continue his legacy in Jacksonville. Monroe on the other hand will be traded to the highest bidder. This high draft pick will be used on our franchise Quarterback. After finishing the season with the #1 pick in the 2014 draft, the Jaguars take Jadeveon Clowney with their first pick. They’ll trade back into the 1st rd (ala Monroe trade pick) to take A.J. McCarron. This’ll be looked back on as the time that everything came together.

3. Despite a losing record, the Jaguars finish the year with a top 10 Defense and Special Teams. This is where Gus Bradley shines, and shines bright (like a diamond). Jason Babin leads the AFC in sacks, and Branch and Alualu both reach double digits. Their young secondary makes Andrew Luck look like Blaine Gabbert. Special Teams is no slouch either. Denard Robinson and Ace Sanders end the year with a combined average of 26.5 yards per return. And Bryan Anger will be one of four Jaguars selected to the Pro Bowl (MJD, Cecil Shorts III and Jason Babin are the other three).

-Jason Abarca

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  • chris

    We wont finish with the #1 ovr pick.. And we aren’t trading Moneroe that would be beyond stupid.

    • jasonabarca

      We didn’t draft Joeckel to keep him at RT. It makes sense to sell high. I’d like for the Jags to finish above .500, but lets be real here and keep in mind, we’re planning for 3 miles ahead, not 3 feet. It all sounds crazy, but I think he’s a better LT than Albert and would offer more value. Time will tell.

      • LukeNSims

        Monroe could have a killer contract year, though. I’m going to wait and see what he does in 2013 before I predict him leaving next offseason. Then again, I’m all kinds of sentimental.

  • john.D

    This is a wish list.. Not predictions… Oh and mojo will be the one gone and Teboo sucks , yes 32 GMs in the nfl agree with me……

    • jasonabarca

      Nope. Not a wish list. While I like Scott, he’s not NFL ready. I’d “wish” they’d sign Monroe & MJD to lon term deals. The defense? Yea that’s a wish, but it is feasible. Thanks for reading.

  • mike

    If oline is healthy Gabbert will be a lot better. Offence will be ranked in the middle

  • Sean Muldoon

    I think we’ll keep Monroe. Caldwell seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to paying the two tackles about the same. My prediction is that in two or three years a lot of franchises will follow the same model. I agree about Scott, he’ll get a few games to show what he has if Gabbert and Henne struggle.

  • jamesltracyjr

    How can you project a top 10 defense, top 10 Special Team, two offensive pro bowlers and two other pro bowlers, and 1300 yards for MJD, and then argue that the QB position will be turnstile the who season, and finally plunk the team as the #1 overall pick? Are you thinking this through or are you just that disillusioned? I point out that BG definitely improved over 2011, and both Caldwell AND Bradley have come in here with positive views of his potential. It is very much possible that BG is not going to improve, but there is still very much possible that he will continue to develop.
    At the very least, get your “3 Bold Predictions” to at least “Make Sense When Put Together”.

    • jasonabarca

      Lets look at 2011. MJD had over 1,600 yards AND lead the league. Defense finished 6th in the league. And still managed to finish last in passing yards and ended with the 10 th pick.