Sept. 16, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert (11) reacts after being sacked with less than two minutes left in the second quarter of their game against the Houston Texans at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Jaguars Not Desperate At Quarterback

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a few major needs on their roster.  Ok, maybe more than a few.  They have complete voids at right tackle, cornerback, and strong safety, and needs at left guard and quarterback and a likely hole at linebacker.  This doesn’t bode well for a team trying to reinvent itself.  Seemingly lost in the discussion of the absolute holes on the roster is quarterback.

The calls for West Virginia’s Geno Smith in the draft are not nearly as boisterous as they were when draft talk started in December and January.  With the Alex Smith trade to Kansas City, the Jaguars are no longer in a position to bargain for a quarterback with at least above average competencies.  The team continues to talk as though Blaine Gabbert has a chance to become the quarterback we all hoped he could be.  Yet, based on the 2012 season, the Jaguars are likely to have a serious quarterback deficiency.  Again.

Despite all of this, general manager Dave Caldwell says the Jags aren’t yet in the “desperate” category as regards quarterback options.  In an interview with Sports Final Radio recently, Caldwell talked about quarterbacks going in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Of those four or five teams that need [quarterbacks], I’d say that two or three teams really need them desperately. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you see maybe one go early and then maybe one go mid-later first round.

Caldwell was then asked if the Jaguars fell into the desperate category.  Caldwell laughed it off and said, “I was talking about the other teams.”

The Jaguars organization really does seem willing to give Gabbert a shot at being the team’s starter moving forward.  I tink it is part of their evaluation process.  They will be using the 2013 season as a final evaluation of what they have at quarterback.  If Gabbert makes strides, I think the Jags can safely say they were wise to not act in a desperate way as regards quarterback this offseason.  If Gabbert falters, the team will have some strong potential replacements in the 2014 offseason.

I hope that Gabbert proves us all wrong and becomes the quarterback we hope he can be.  I’m not confident, however, and think the evaluation 2013 season may be a tumultuous one for us fans.  The coach-speak says we’re not desperate, but I think we all know better.  Buckle up guys, this one could get bumpy.

- Luke N. Sims

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  • Messina

    We need to address the black hole size void at the pass rush and right tackle. Draft Mingo or Werner, either or and sign a FA right tackle. I love Fisher, but at two over all? I don’t think so, at least for the Jags. With Fisher and Geno at the top and available at no.2 the Jags should have a lot of offers to trade down.
    We all know the lack of ‘elite’ talent at the top of the draft, yet someone like the Giants or Chicago who need a top flight tackle or pass rusher could very well be willing to trade up and not risk the chances of their desired player falling to them. Oh and lest we forget the Bills need a QB, and they have been such great trading partners historically (Johnson for a first anyone? and that first was used on Freddy T)?

    • Jim Wade

      We are rebuilding. Why do we need to use our franchise tied highest draft pick on a pass rusher? In most drafts you can get a pro bowl pass rusher much later in the pick order. What is more likely, us being in position to take a top pass rusher in the next couple of drafts, or us taking a top QB? If you think the Jaguars are going to be bad, you should follow the Jets next season.

      • Messina

        Well, considering that terrible condition of our pass rush the pass four seasons we do need to address it with a high draft pick. We have tried to get guys in the mid rounds and they have not panned out. Now, lest we forget the D Harvey and Q Groves busts, but that should not scare the Jags away from getting a top pass rusher. Other than defensive pass rushers and Fisher/Joeckel who is elite talent? Geno Smith is hardly worth No.2 over all when placed beside Joeckel, Fisher, Mingo, Werner, etc. Yes, we are rebuilding, so lets start rebuilding where the talent is in the draft, the defence. And yes, the Jets should be extremely entertaining to watch.

        • Jim Wade

          Two questions. What is the most important position on a football team? Do we have a good player at that position?

          And leave the Joeckel/Fisher/Werner talk to the ignorant talking heads at

          • Messina

            Yes, QB is the most important position on a football team and yes Gabbert is far from good as of yet. However, Geno Smith is not the answer. You cannot over look the importance of a strong pass rush, just look at the Superbowl teams, two teams with very strong defences that put pressure on the QB. So why draft a QB with a lot of quesion surrounding him over ELITE defensive players? Last time I checked we had enough questions surrounding Gabbert, why add more, fix what can be fixed. Gabbert doesn’t develop as we hope then there is always the 2014 draft with what looks like a very strong QB class.

          • Jim Wade

            I do not have a lot of questions about Geno. Generic talking heads who are still over hyped from last years draft class are manufacturing concerns. One day Maycock says Geno has accuracy issues. The next day he says he has great touch and accuracy.

            The only thing hurting Geno is last year’s draft. He will not leave the top 10. If Carson Palmer is cut, he will go #3.

          • Messina

            I agree with you that “generic talking heads” are manufacturing concern, as they do with half the draft class. Also, I agree with you that its a very good chance that Oakland does take him. However, I’m not sure about his fit in Jacksonville and his skills. now if the Jags draft him I will be behind him one hundred percent. I think its counter-productive to wish players terrible years, its the classic case of cutting off ones nose to spit the face. Personally, I would rather see Werner or Mingo taken at no.2, and Werner has had his fair share of talking heads downplaying his skill.

          • LukeNSims

            I think you’re totally right about the talking heads flip flopping on what makes Geno good/bad. We’ll see him go in the top-8 for sure in April. I just don’t think it’s going to be to the Jaguars. They’re talking like they’d rather wait to really address quarterback after the 2013 season.

            Who knows maybe by then Gabbert becomes the man? (false optimism…)

  • G3N0BR0WN

    Nice article. I dont think Caldwell drafts Geno or at least I hope not. I still think Gabbert has a chance to be the guy, if hes not too shattered already. I think people overlook the motivational and developmental tools of Gus Bradley. Theres alot of question marks on this team but not at head coach. Idk if gabbert can be the guy, or if they can get the defense to play faster, or whose going to be the starting right tackle, but i feel like Gabberts got a better chance and the team as a whole has a better chance because of David Caldwell’s and Gus ,Bradley’s plan. We just need to draft fast athletic defensive players ie Ansah,Jordan,Matt Elam, Darius Slay,Alec Ogletree,Jarvis Jones (yes still),Xavier Rhodes. Theres good talent on defense in this draft, we just need to go get it with some bargain picks after trading away #2, and then have Bradley, coach em up. DO YOU JOB!