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Meet Jedd Fisch, The Jaguars' New OC

The Jacksonville Jaguars have hired Jedd Fisch to be their new offensive coordinator.  Fisch comes to the Jaguars from the Miami Hurricanes after bouncing around between the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Golden Gophers, and Seattle Seahawks (one year stints at all three).  His positions have varied from wide receivers in Denver to quarterbacks in Seattle to getting a shot at the OC job with the Canes. During his time with teams he has been surrounded by greatness.  Whether it’s the college success of Pete Carroll, the defensive mind of Brian Billick (assistant wide receivers and quarterback work in Baltimore), and Mike Shanahan.

Hasselbeck was mostly quite good during his time in Seattle…unfortunately, Fisch was not a part of his development.  Source: Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Success has not always surrounded the teams that Fisch has been a part of.  The 2010 Seahawks were most certainly not a force to be reckoned with – though their win over the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs after winning the NFC West with a 7-9 record was impressive – but Matt Hasselbeck continued to play well with Fisch as the quarterbacks coach.  His time in Baltimore saw impressive numbers from his core group of players.  Of note, is the 2006 team that went 13-3 featuring Steve McNair, Derrick Mason, and Mark Clayton.

Ultimately what we have in Fisch is a bit of an anomaly.  He has moved around so much that a lasting impact could be hard to trace.  His extended time with teams, namely the Ravens and Hurricanes, indicate a climb in statistics though.  With the Canes in 2011, Fisch and new head coach Al Golden saw an overall decrease in offensive statistics per game.  They put up less yards than the 2010 season both on the ground and through the air, but the offense was becoming more efficient.  The 2011 Hurricanes managed to bring their average yards per play up to 6.2.  They ultimately posted a 6-6 record.

Last year’s Miami team did much better offensively.  The offense averaged 295 (+63 over 2011) passing yards per game and kept its rushing average almost exactly where it was the season before.  The average per play slightly rose to 6.5 yards per play. Nothing drastic, but the offense was slowly getting better.  After a 7-5 season, the Jaguars pounced and got their guy in Fisch.

Fisch’s offenses are quarterback dominant.  His teams are willing to go out and toss the ball around. I like that.  It could be the kind of offense that Blaine Gabbert needs to get over the massive hump in his young career.  The Hurricanes did manage to implement his offense effectively during his time there and bringing a guy in from the college ranks could do the young Jags some good.

The Miami Herald is not too pleased to see him leaving the Hurricanes.  Writer Susan Miller Degnan says Fisch is an “all-around good person, smart person, great communicator and teacher — not to mention well-loved by his present and former players — has left the University of Miami to become an offensive coordinator with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Great hire by the Jaguars. Big loss for the Hurricanes.”


To be honest, I’m not sure about this hire.  He has done a lot of work and has decent NFL experience, but his lack of consistent presence with teams worries me.  Further, the growth I see from his time in Miami does not make me overly excited about the hire. His time as an offensive coordinator in the college ranks is limited and has not created results that are eye-popping.  In short, I see inconsistency and mediocrity out of what I know of/can find about Fisch.

But then again I could be totally wrong and Gus Bradley has just made the most amazing hire in the world.  Thoughts?

- Luke N. Sims

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Terry1215 Terry O’Brien

    The only thing I know is when Miami won, they put up 40+ points. If the Jaguars had ANY defense in 2012, they would have been 7-9. I think I get the mentality of the hire, but you are right, the proof is in the delivery and there is no record to look to.

    • LukeNSims

      I’ll take 40+ points in a game! Oh that would be nice!

  • Zain Gowani

    Yeah, it’s very hard to say right now, with a first time NFL GM, head coach, OC, and yet to be seen with the DC. But I think the underlying theme is that Caldwell wants to bring in committed, energy guys that the players are going to play for. “Leaders of men”, as Caldwell said in Bradley’s press conference. That’s particularly important when you have a young team like the Jaguars are, and we can only assume that the Jaguars will continue to get younger with the draft playing a big role in the roster make-up down the line. As with all coaches though, the question is whether they can produce a system that maximizes the talents of the players they have… and whether they can translate that into results (wins). If they can’t, that’s when you hear things like the players tuned out or quit on their coaches. It’s always important to bring in “Leaders of Men” to your coaching staff, but the necessary corollary to that is that Leaders should be able to maximize the abilities of the people they lead, regardless of how (the system) they led previously. At this point, I’m all aboard the optimism train – we’ll see if that changes once the roster / draft / free agency / scheme / play-calling decisions start coming into play.

    • LukeNSims

      Quite right. By all accounts, Fisch is that positive kind of guy so he’s definitely fitting the mold. Of course, let’s hope the “positive” guy thing doesn’t get big as the “high character” thing Gene Smith had going so that it doesn’t stop us from getting good players.

  • vallenii

    I hope this isn’t some grand experiment to be different … rah-rah-rah isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and soon wears thin.

    • LukeNSims

      Yeah, I haven’t seen any connection between Bradley and Fisch outside of that year in Seattle. I’m wondering if Bradley really, really like his work during his one year there. *crosses fingers*

      • vallenii

        Perhaps, when their paths crossed, these three “brain stormed” and discussed nothing but X’s and O’s.

        However, after the P C Jr rumor, Fisch is a long way down the ladder … Greg Olson, Mark Duffner, or Joe Cullen might have been better choices.

        Anyway, it is going to be interesting.

  • john

    I know this is late but, i wonder if the falcons thought that when they brought in Dirk Cotter. Or the bears when they got Tuker..they must have looked that way to…I know ried looks like that to, a team doing bad under them. Dont know if you get great or good …lets hope its geat

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