David Garrard Under Pressure

How does Garrard compare with other quarterbacks around the league when under pressure? Pro Football Focus, with their heavy dedication to the game, has given us an answer. A big “thank you” to PFF writer Khaled Elsayed for this research.

There were 34 quarterbacks that met the requirements of dropping back from center at least 200 times.

There are a number of aspects of pressure found in this article. It’s a very in-depth piece and I encourage you to read it if you have the time. I’m going to point out where Garrard ranks. First off, time spent under pressure.

Percentage of Drop-Backs Under Pressure

1. Jay Cutler, Bears (surprised?)

565 attempts, 41.42% under pressure

2. Josh Freeman, Buccaneers

544 attempts, 40.99%

3. Michael Vick, Eagles

510 attempts, 40.78% under pressure

4. Donovan McNabb, Redskins

525 attempts, 40.38% under pressure

5. Jason Campbell, Raiders

388 attempts, 39.69% under pressure

6. Derek Anderson, Cardinals

355 attempts, 38.87% under pressure

7. David Garrard, Jaguars

421 dropbacks, 37.77% time under pressure

So, at this point, we see that Garrard ranks 7th in the league for facing pressure when dropping back to throw.

Completion % and Sack % When Under Pressure

15. David Garrard

20.13 % sacked when under pressure (25th/34)

50.43 % complete with pressure (15/34)

-20.48 % complete when under pressure (21st/24)

Garrard looks great on his completions percentage compared to the other 33 quarterbacks. The rest of the stats paint an ugly picture.

TD to INT Ratio When Pressured

1. Matt Ryan, Falcons (10.00)

2. Tom Brady, Patriots (6.00)

3. Josh Freeman, Buccaneers (3.33)

14. David Garrard, Jaguars (1.20)

More Statistics on Garrard:

Photo: Bleacher Report

3.14 % INT with pressure (25th/34)

3.77% TD with pressure (7th/34)–

Philip Rivers had 2.91%

Michael Vick 2.8%

Aaron Rodgers had 2.5%

Yes, David Garrard finished as the 7th-best quarterback in the NFL at throwing a touchdown when under pressure. Unfortunately, he was also 25th most likely to throw an interception when under pressure. Theres really good with pretty bad available to work with for the coaches. He’s a solid quarterback. No question.

The Final Grading for Quarterbacks Under Pressure

14. David Garrard

This paints what I feel is an accurate picture of Garrard. Great job by Pro Football Focus on their article.

What do you think about Garrard? Is it any different than before?


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  • http://TheJaggernaut.com Adam Stites

    It has long been my feeling that Garrard has invited pressure and waited for it to come before making his decision to throw. Stats about being under pressure make his offensive line look bad, when in reality I believe the majority of the blame should fall on his shoulders.

    • http://blackandteal.com/author/jagtagonist/ Brandon Clark

      I think he’s at about 65% fault, but getting better

      Do you think he is getting better?

      • http://TheJaggernaut.com Adam Stites

        Honestly, no I don’t think he is.

        I feel like he got spoiled by 2007′s run game and the play action it afforded him. 2008 broke him and I haven’t seen much improvement as far as getting rid of the ball quicker.

        • http://blackandteal.com/author/jagtagonist/ Brandon Clark

          To me, he show flashes that tease. These flashes seem to get better every year but remain flashes.

          I love Garrard, but man he is hard to watch some time. If something odd happens and he is gone within a year, I hope he flourishes, but it would piss me off too. haha

          The worst plays are three wr sets, it seems. I have no idea why.

          • thehof

            I’ll tease you with my flashes.