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  • Sounds like the Wyoming Cowboys’ fans and coaches are pretty fond of Chris Prosinski and the Jaguars believe with time, he can develop into something special.
  •’s webseries, Everything to Prove, featuring 14 NFL rookies, including our own Blaine Gabbert.
  • Paul Kuharsky looks at the surrounding casts for Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert and how the situation they’re coming into will affect their bid for a starting job.

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  • kjones407

    Gabberts’ reaction to Tennessee drafting Jake Locker was priceless in that Everything to Prove video. I wonder how he really feels about being a Jaguar.

    • Brandon Clark

      his pride is hurt

      thats for sure

      also, he knows how to give the company line. I’m proud to be a _____

      I was surprised that he knew about the tackles. maybe they went over the 5 high points of the teams on the plane. Had to have had a salesman there lol

      Alright Blaine,
      they’ve got two young,emerging tackles to protect
      a great RB, on of the leagues BEST!
      an above avg center…
      “isn’t he old”
      dont worry about that

      they also have a two really good DT’s and a great strong-side LB

      What about the WR’s? Well…they’ll be real special with you as their QB

      Sounds great!

      • Brandon Clark

        dont take me too cynical, however

        of course he is proud to be in the NFL and he knows that hes wanted

        who doesnt want that?

        • kjones407

          Yeah, it did appear as if he knew a little about the team. And your right, it did seem like he got that information from someone else. I kind of believe that because he didn’t mention M80, who’ll probably be one of his biggest safety nets when he becomes the starter. He’ll probably never say, but I wonder who he wanted to get drafed by. I’ll go out on a limb and say the Cardinals because they have Larry Fitzgerald.