BOOK IT: 5 Things I Think about the Jaguars, Post-Draft Edition


  • 1.) There will not be a quarterback controversy between Blaine Gabbert and David Garrard. Despite the intricate stories the media will weave about quarterback battles, the roar of jaded the populace calling for Garrard’s head, and the pressure on Del Rio to either win now with Garrard or put Gabbert in to use him as a vocational body shield, David Garrard will be your quarterback for the entirety of the 2011 season, barring injury. Despite being owed almost $8 million next year, he gives this team its best chance to win next year and Gabbert will need at full season of practice reps to grow into his proverbial NFL cleats. Blaine”s flaws are pronounced, but of the coachable type – mostly an issue of footwork and pocket presence; the raw ability is there.  Competition will push both of them to be better – athletes on the professional level have a killer instinct that not all men of my candy-ass generation possess. They don’t shy away from competing, they revel it and are at their best when it’s all on the line. If they aren’t, then they probably shouldn’t be the offensive and locker room leader of your team.
  • 2.) I hated the Gabbert pick at first, but after further consideration am very pleased. The first thing I liked about it was the aggressiveness of the Jaguars’ front office. That was no half-baked scramble to get a quarterback. That was a contingency plan (in the case of a guy who likely was #1 on their value board dropping to a practical position for a trade up) being executed with great efficiency. And that tells me that Gabbert was a guy that they believe can become the face (and arm) of a winning Jaguars franchise. To learn more about Gabbert, read B&T writer Brandon Clark’s analysis and if you doubted his athleticism and arm strength, watch the first few seconds of this video.
  • 3.) I’m excited about 4th rounders Cecil Shorts III, WR and Chris Prosinski, FS. I haven’t “scouted” them or anything, I just like what I’ve seen and I like their stories. Prosinski, by all appearance, is a straight hustler – his play isn’t glamorous, but he hits hard and wraps up his tackles well and he’s fast on the track (4.40 in his 40 time) and plays faster. In the videos I have seen, I see a guy who plays with great instincts, immediately closing the space between himself and the ballcarrier on running plays and breaking quickly towards the ball to make a play on passes. As for Shorts, Hey! He’s a receiver! Gotta love the aerial game! The prospect of a more explosive offense is always exciting and this guy looks the part of a profession wideout and is by all means a producer, breaking many of Colts receiver Pierre Garcon’s records set at Mountain Union.
  • 4.) Well, this draft just about settles it – Gene Smith is undoubtedly a BAP (Best Available Player) drafter. Don’t get me started with all the clowns doing post-draft (yes, the one that just happened) grades – let’s just say Gene Smith would be riding the short bus to school and be the only 3rd grader with a 5 o’clock shadow if these were the grades he got in elementary school. Analysts are *FURIOUS* that the Jaguars so callously ignored their biggest needs at cornerback, safety, and linebacker, but GM Gene is confident that he got players who actually have a chance to be starters for our team. Not only that, he sacrificed other picks to ensure that he only picked players of starting caliber. Wasn’t everyone praising our power running game last year? Gene picks a mauling guard out of Lehigh in the 3rd round and traded a late-rounder to get him – if anyone doubts his “BAPness”, their worries can be laid to rest.
  • 5.) It’s looking like the Jaguars are still going to be big players in Free Agency. I’ve said it all along and John Oehser of has confirmed that the Jaguars are in the market for two to four players in veteran free agency – some “patch” players and one who will likely be a “long term fixture”. I’m not sure who Gene will seek as a patches, but as far as long-term pickups, I am strongly against any high-priced corners or safeties. I am not a big fan of any of the guys on the market, especially at their ages and especially at the prices they’re likely to command. I’m fundamentally against a free agent cornerback – at the age he reaches the market (upper 20′s) his best years are behind him and his top-end speed is likely nearing a rapid dropoff. This is what makes a cornerback elite, because their job heavily relies on closing speed and keeping up with the league’s premier receivers. I have a gut feeling that the Jaguars will seek a long-term fix at middle linebacker because there is a wealth of young, skilled players at the position who do not have big-time “name recognition” that drives prices up. I like Barrett Ruud, but I know he’s had some money disputes with Tampa Bay and if Domenik has decided to move on, that makes me a little weary. I’ve got more than a feeling (Boston style) that Paul Posluszny is the guy – he is still young and fresh and is a tackling machine who can quarterback the defense. I know he was well liked by Jacksonville coming out of college (there seems to be a thing for Penn State guys around here between Vic and Gene) and he fits perfectly in the new era Jacksonville mold. LOOK AT THAT FREAKIN’ NECK! THAT’S A LINEBACKER NECK IF I’VE EVER SEEN ONE!

- Andrew Hofheimer


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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    1. I’m glad Book It returned.

    2. It’s not fair that you reading my mind. I telling the truth, I hoped Gabbert will be not the jaguars guy, and I was confused about his selection. But now after reading articles and watching footage- I REAALY like the pick. I hope Garrard will be a great mentor, and helps him to be 100% ready, when he will step in.

    3. About the 3 late round picks. I still not like the Shorts pick because I’m not sure the Jags front office not wanted with him an own Pierre Garcon (forgeting the fact that the real Garcon is not a big plyer in myopinion either, and this kid might be not so good then the guy came from Haiti). Garcon is good because Manning is his QB!

    I think with Prosinski the Jaguars had a new Sean Considine at worst case scenario. And if they are lucky, maybe they can get much more. He is really gifted, I hope he will became a good player as well.

    I love Rod Isaac. I think he is a real sleeper. One thing for sure we will not see Reggie Nelson-esque tackles from him. I think he will be a great nickel.

    FA: I absolutely agree with your view about it. I think the Jags will get 1 or 2 long time solution. My wishlist: Eric Weddle, Charlie Johnson(still very young DE of the Panthers), Puszluszny and maybe Michael Huff.

  • Slawsc

    We need Poz! He is an absolute stud and as you said, a tackling machine!

  • Buster White

    Based on the 2010 and 2011 schedules, it is clear to me that the NFL wants the Jags to lose fans so that it can move the franchise. This year’s is the 3rd most difficult schedule when the Jags did not make the playoffs. Also, I do not understand the ultimatum Coach Del Rio faces (to make the playoffs this year). What NFL coach did more with less than Del Rio last year? While I like the 2011 draft, it did not do much to help Del Rio make the playoffs this year.

    • thehof

      Interesting you say that, Buster – you’re the first one I’ve heard say that but the thought had crossed my mind. At first glance, the schedule looks very favorable with all of the primetime games. But then you look again and it’s almost like they’re setting us up to fail – again, late in the season – and VERY publicly. Is being paranoid just part of the territory as a Jags fan? Probably. But I may do an article about this.

      • kjones407

        Never thought of it that way. Hopefully this team can compete against all of the good teams they will face this year. And prove that the Jaguars belong in Jacksonville.

  • kjones407

    I agree with all that you have said. I really do hope we could get Posluszny, that would be a terrific addition. I also hope DE Ray Edwards from the Vikings is in GM Gene’s plans. He would be a big jump from Derrick Harvey, who I still am hoping he can redeem himself.

    • Brandon Clark

      i really like ray edwards

      Harvey might get traded to the Vikings for depth. Or maybe the Eagles who have the Titans old D-line coach. that guy is supposed to be great

      but harvey will probably warrant a 6th rounder on a good day, although there is al davis…..

  • Chris

    Poz will be returning back to Buffalo. They like him there. I would like him here but I don’t think he’s leaving. One player that could help us is a player that was in a system that didn’t fit his style of play and that is Manny Lawson. He could give us a ROLB with good pass-rushing skills and good coverage skills as well. I would love to see how much pressure we get with Kampman and Lawson on one side of the field. It could help Austen Lane get those sacks and pressures from the other side which would ultimatley help this team in the long run.

    • Brandon Clark

      that was well thought out. Can you tell me more about lawson?

  • adam mcgill

    Pos would be an immediate upgrade at teh mlb position. He is one of the soundest tacklers agasint the run in the NFL and is as consistent as they get. His 10.8 tackles per game last year was outstanding and made him a true fantasy star.

    For more fantasy information, check out this site.

    GO JAGS!!!!