Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert, The Draft Study

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High School

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Gabbert attended Parkway High School in Missouri where he played his entire senior season with a shoulder injury. He wasn’t stopped, but was limited to only 102 passes.

After originally committing to Nebraska, Gabbert decided to make a switch to attend Missouri where his athleticism would shine in their spread-option system.

Gabbet’s Junior Year at Parkway High School stats:

As a junior, Blaine Gabbert passed for 1,523 yards and 20 touchdowns (seven interceptions) and added an additional 458 yards and nine more scores on the ground to help lead his team to an 8-2 record and a trip to the playoffs; He benches 295 pounds, squats 285 and vertical jumps 33-inches.

I show you these stats, due to the injury his senior season. All of this information is on the official Blaine Gabbert website, which you can visit here.

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  • Joe

    I like the pick but it is definately unexpected (thought we would be going DE all the way). I think with Blaine our offense will be looking a lot different. Gabbert will break contain less than David and hopefully get the ball out quicker. This pick makes a good fit after we got our two offensive tackles two years ago. MJD will take the pressure off of Gabbert at first and the jags have shown that they can simplfy the playbook like they did for garrard and still be effective (We can do that for Gabbert and get him in year 1 if needed). Im excited that we may be able to put up some points now. For the rest of the draft please get some defennsive help with the linebackers and secondary. Nate Irving, Brooks Reed, Buster Skrine, Ahmad Black, Rahim Moore, anybody…

    • Brandon Clark

      no doubt that at minimum the 3rd and 4th round belong to defense

  • http://www.blackandteal.com The Linebacker

    Just watched all of the films and then some. What I see in Gabbert. I see a completion % that could be higher, but his WR’s dropped balls. I saw a tendency to scramble when he didn’t have to, ie, his pocket awareness has flaws. I saw a powerful arm with a quick release. His running ability was ok, but no Garrard. I saw nice throws with good velocity and spirals. Again, like one of the sources said, he kinda runs hot and cold.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com The Linebacker

      Oh, and those throwing mechanics are strange. Sometimes he sets up and throws beautifully, other times he throws off his back foot or is squatting or something is wrong. He definitely needs to work on pocket poise and throwing mechanics (for accuracy, his velocity and release are great). The issue kinda reminds me of Garrard and Vic when Vic said Garrard “took a little off his fastball”.

      • Brandon Clark

        first off

        thank you for watching the film before commenting. that says a lot about you.

        And I agree that he wasn’t on a top-notch team and that he made them a little better.

        His throws are odd. When he wants it hard, its as good as anyone in the league, until it gets to the wr.

        we have a project that might not develop. I have no intention of being doom and gloom but its the reality

        your right: pocket presence is atrocious. some of which can be blamed on the line but it sticks mentally.

        see: david carr

  • Luke

    I’m warming up to Gabbert. I like the film to be honest, and I LOVE his quick release. I’m just not digging the fact that we traded up so much to get him. I don’t want him taking a snap for at least a year, maybe two or three. Put him third behind Luke and David and let him learn. The Pack did it right with Rodgers, let’s do it right with Gabbert. He’s got work to do.

    I like that he’ll probably end up being a pocket QB, I think that actually helps our offense if he truly is as good as Gene thinks. While it’s great to have these running QBs, the threat of a pass is still more respected than that of a QB running (except Vick). What I really really don’t like about Gabbert are his numbers. He doesn’t seem that impressive to me. I don’t know if his supporting cast was just horrendous or something, but I’m not seeing (in his numbers) how he was worth trading up for. I’m trusting Gene on this one. And I’m calling this right now: GM Gene does NOT take a CB this draft. I don’t know how/why, but I think Gene likes our corners right now, and I think he thinks they can be effective. In Gene we trust.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com The Linebacker

      Like I said before, I definitely see what GM Gene sees now.

      Positives — Quick release, strong arm, great size, good measurables, good accuracy more than half the time, he most definitely has all the upside you can want

      Negatives — footwork needs work; he imagines a pass rush sometimes and scrambles out of the pocket for no reason (ie happy feet); he needs to set his feet up on his throws better, otherwise he just slings it; I definitely see some Favre type stuff in the videos in terms of his throwing for the sake of throwing.

      • thehof

        Looking at his stats, some fans might be quick to say that he’s not even as good as Chase Daniel – but everyone knew Daniel didn’t have anything close to an NFL arm and also relied on Jeremy Maclin (1st round WR – 2009) heavily.

        • Brandon Clark

          fair point. and his line was worse.

          The consistency to make you believe just isn’t’ there

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