2011 NFL Draft: The Extreme of the Top 10

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Mike Holmgren, you evil genius.

In the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, things didn’t go as planned. Yet somehow, that was expected. After nearly everyone called the first pick–QB Cam Newton to the Panthers–, it was nearly assumed that the Broncos would draft DT Marcel Dareus (at least by me). According to NFL.com, the Broncos had the 31st ranked run defense in the NFL, allowing a whopping 154.6 yards per game. Dareus was a top-3 player on most boards. It made too much sense-and therin lies the problem. The Broncos, who are going to switch to a 43 defense decided to draft vaunted pass-rusher Von Miller out of Texas A&M. That’s awesome, except that he plays out of a 34 defense. He stands up to rush the passer. It could still work but switching schemes will impact his effectiveness at sacking the QB and that effectiveness is exactly why he was drafted with second overall pick. It’s a risk but one that will probably find a way of working out.

A quick recap of the top-9 follows, Gabbert will have his own piece.

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