Pick 10-NFL Draft, Jaguars Select QB Gabbert

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The Jaguars stunned their fanbase by not being conservative and trading up to the 10th overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Gene Smith, GM of the Jaguars, originally held the 16th overall selection but traded it, along with the 49th overall, to the Redskins to move up and select Missouri Quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert was at one time in this draft season thought to be in contention for the number 1 overall pick, held by the Carolina Panthers. Carolina selected Auburn QB Cameron Newton and then the wait to see where Gabbert would go started.

After Newton, Jake Locker was the next QB off the board. Locker, to the dismay of many Jaguars fans, went off the board at pick #8 to the TN Titans. The Titans had their new face of the franchise. If you doubted Vince Young was staying, then you can accept it now. With Dallas not needing a QB, it was all but decided that Gabbert was going to be selected at 10th overall and be a Washington Redskin. Gabbert would call home Jacksonville.

Gabbert will no doubt compete with incumbant starter David Garrard, but a switch at starter is no sure thing. The Jaguars front brass have mentioned that Garrard will be the starter this season. Did that factor in the consensus #2 QB in the draft falling to their team? Time will tell.

Gabbert measured 6’4″ at the NFL Combine this year and comes from a spread-option offense at Missouri. The transition has been made most recently by up and comer QB Sam Bradford of the Rams. Bradford ran a smiliar attack at Oklahoma.

Gabbert has been compared to Bradford, most recently by the staff on NFL Network after the Jaguars selected him. Mike Mayock pointed out their similarities. Let’s review the stats real quick.

In Bradford’s last full season (junior year and also won Heisman) at Oklahoma, he completed 67.9% of his passes for 4,720 yards with a 9.77 yards per attempt. Bradford threw 50 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He was sacked 11 times. (ESPN Link)

In Gabberts last full season (senior year) at Missouri, he completed 63.4% of his passes for 3,186 yards with a 6.71 yards per attempt. Gabbert threw 16 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. He was sacked 23 times.(ESPN Link)

Keep in mind that Bradford went first overall and won the offensive rookie of the year. Is the comparison legit? I don’t think so, but only time will tell

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  • chris

    I been saying forever Gene Smith doesnt know diddly…I also said if Gabbert was there at 16 you had to take him…Not move up and give away your second rounder…I know its hindsight but we coulda drafted Prince and possiblly moved back up traded with our second and third and got a good Dline player…Drafting Gabbert and giving up our second rounder did nothing to help our defense…I don’t guess Gene Smith looked at who we play this year…Not only our division who pass but ATl, New Orleans, Balt and the Steelers..With Atl and New Orleans running up the score Balt and Steelers will have field days with out oline…

    Gene Smith is teh same as Shack Harris he lead the scout team then so he was just as high on the players we drafted then…It just turned out they sucked…Thats the breaks..

    I predict the Jags go 2 – 14 this year and end up with the top pick next year..Then how foolish does Gene look..we could get Andrew Luck…but what will happen is the Jags will be horrible and let Gabbert play at the end of season..Then they will say Gabbert looked good if we got him some talent to go around him…So they will draft someone else with the top pick…

  • chris

    But to answer is Gabbert as good as Bradford? Hell no…Will he ever be hell no why? Cause as soon as he sees the beaches and the girls at the beach this guy is done…prima donna who thinks hes hot…

    • Brandon Clark

      i don’t know as much as far as off-the-field so I’ll leave that to you

      on the field, i only see a project. Projects are not worth first round or second round picks to me. those are for starters

      we needed defensive starters—too true.

      However, past the needs argument is the talent argument. I still don’t see Gabbert as the best talent.
      It’s unfortunate that I’m apparently blind.
      I’m being serious there

  • chris

    Well thank god we see the same Brandon…I see him as a project too..Same thing Gene did with Derek Cox..When he gave up our second round pick for him to move up a couple years ago…

    Hindsight is 20/20 but he bets the organization with what he does…He doesn’t obviously looks t statistics too much…

    Laugh if you want but the best thing the Jags could do would be to look to trade MJD..For some defense help…If you take away our 6 sacks against the Browns last year we finish dead last or very close…

    Alualu was not a good pick…he played just as he was projected in the draft…

    Tell me this…If Garrard was so bad how could Marcades Lewis be so good? Thats just a fact…

    The Jags never had a receiver to work with Garrard and get on the same page…

    Manning had marvin Harrison
    Brady had Moss Welker outstanding Blocking and good TE

    This organization is fooling itself…

    Spend money on DB, WR, LB, DO NOT SPEND ON RB OR TE theyre the easiest positions to fill…

    • Brandon Clark

      I agree with most of that.

      I’ll tell you my inital reaction to trade MJD was shock but I’ll play along on that.

      After thinking, I still decline. He is the face of Jacksonville and you need at least one. Whereas teams like Green Bay had incumbent stars then added A Rodgers or a team like New England has Brady and other people. Even Seattle has faces.

      We just need that constant. I also think MJD is getting better.

      Garrard, I agree. Far above avg QB. I won’t call him great but I’ll concede that he was never given the opportunity to be great.

      Some say that Manning wasn’t given the linemen, well that plays to his quick-read on defenses. Garrard wasn’t given the wr’s because when the play broke he could run. We also have had a long run of good runners, so why get WR’s?

      Or at least that seems to be the general thought.

      The Gabbert selection kept me up too late last night. He really was my 7th QB.

      The top 4 are still on the board so either I’m a fool (entirely a possibility) or I have discovered why there are QB busts in the first round, specifically two for sure and maybe 4 in the top-12 this year.