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A dominating offensive line can make everything happen. With enough time an average QB can find an open receiver almost every time. With enough time a team with average WR’s will be able to have them get open (most people consider 4-5 seconds of coverage to be very good in the secondary), because a DB can’t cover forever. A good offensive line will create a push that gets a few yards no matter what and wears down the opposing defensive line. With a worn down DL, the OL is able to get to the second level more and the chance for a big play is more likely to occur. A good OL allows for the team to only keep five men back in protection, thus allowing more weapons to go down the field.

A dominating defensive line make everyone better. A dominating defensive line allows for sacks to be created using four people. It allows the linebackers to roam free and to make plays unimpeded. It creates penetration that can stifle a run game or cause a QB to hear footsteps. It can limit the time in the pocket for a QB, which limits the time a CB has to run step for step with a WR. It allows for more people to step back into coverage and guard against the pass. A good DL can make the whole defense better. Case in point, look at the Giants.

So from here on out, if you didn’t already know this before, when you see GM Gene take a player in the early rounds who isn’t a skill position player or a sexy name, think to yourself, GM Gene knows what he is doing and understands that the trenches are where the game is won.

Big Uglies first. Ingrain it upon your heart and never forget, because a dominating big man is hard to find.

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