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What Makes a Quarterback Great?

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What Predicts Greatness? That’s what we look for, right?

Tom Brady. We all know the name, most of us even know the story. No one guessed it.

I just finished watching “The Brady 6″, a comparison of Brady and the 6 quarterbacks taken before him in the 2000 NFL Draft. The only one that you have probably heard of was Marc Bulger. He was drafted by the Saints and went on to play for the St. Louis Rams for a number of years.  His most notable achievement was outplaying Kurt Warner, which was a pretty big accomplishment. Bulger played fantastic at times, but he never had what Brady had. I’m not talking about a Bellicheck-driven opportunity. I’m talking about a certain side of crazy, a bit of desperation, a way of life.

 Hunger. Brady is almost consumed by this hunger for greatness.

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