Love it or Hate it – 3-4 or 4-3?

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3-4 or 4-3?

The current NFL world has been dominated by the allure of the 3-4 defensive alignment. It offers a variety of set ups and a multitude of blitz packages, but does it offer anything else? Even though the Jags are a set 4-3 team (according to the coaches and GM Gene), could a 3-4 be in the plans for down the road?

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  • jagtagonist

    i’ve got to say. i prefer the 43

    but your argument is sound. the only part that caught me off guard was smith not starting over lane.

    could you explain in a little further detail as to why?

    • The Linebacker

      Well, in this scenario, I have Smith being the backup, because basically he would be the rookie in this scenario (2011 Jags).

      • jagtagonist

        thats understandable

        i watched film on him in college and he seemed perfect for exactly what alualu is

        so, hed work there too.

        as we all know though, let em fight it out and that would be intriguing here, nonetheless

  • Quinton

    “Alualu has experience as a 3-4 end”

    This is an odd argument in favor of the Jags shifting to a 3-4. The specific reason Alualu was so far under the radar is that he seemed somewhat over-matched as 3-4 end. It wouldn’t prevent the Jaguars from shifting but to me this was the clearest signal that the flirtation with the 3-4 was over, otherwise you just drafted a second round guy at #10.

    Also, what happened to Aaron Kampman?

    • The Linebacker

      1. He really wasn’t over matched as a 3-4 end, I’m not sure where you heard that.
      2. I stated in the article that any switch wouldn’t be next year. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be for 2-3 years if it happens at all. The personnel isn’t there and so long as Del Rio is there, I don’t think they’ll switch personally.

  • Quinton

    There was a reason Kampman’s sacks dipped so much his last year with GB.

  • Luke

    I must say I prefer the 4-3, but the 3-4 intrigues me. If I had my way, which it’s a good thing I don’t, I would run a base Nickel defense. It would require a very very solid front four and two brilliant linebackers, but having an extra player with the abilities of a defensive back that can operate as a linebacker or safety or corner when need be would be excellent. It won’t ever happen, but I think, with the passing game being so prominent lately, we’ll see a lot more Nickel bases (or at least teams drafting with frequent Nickel packaging in mind) in coming seasons.

    • Brandon Clark

      i think what they do is call it a base 43 and run nickel 60% of the time

      a rover type backer that plays linebacker and safety and can cover would change the world….on defense