My NFL Mock Draft Top 10

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I know this sounds like the title of a “Scrubs” episode, but this will not be your fathers mock draft. No, this draft will be what I would do. I will play GM for each of these franchises. I will pretend I’ve been there for a few years and determine what best fits the team as the Best Available Player. Now, keep in mind BAP varies due to schemes teams run and what type of characters they will permit. For example, Cincinnatti is less strict on character-grading than other teams. (I’m trying to be nice)  Another example, Cleveland is less strict on talent than other teams….

The format is this: My pick, my inner monologue and your comments.

So, here it is, and let me have it in the comments below if you disagree, because it’s all about the conversation. I’m not at a bar with some random crazies, I’m on the internet with YOU crazies, now let’s talk:

1. Carolina Panthers: AJ Green, WR, Georgia

I can hear the silence followed by boos now. However, I do not care about the boos. I am a GM and just added a WR that will be a Pro Bowler at least once in his first two seasons. All we need is for that QB to develop. I know they were expecting a picture of Cameron Newton up top, but we made the investment in Jimmy Clausen, so we’re gonna give this kid at the very least one more season to prove that he is no good. That team last year was terrible and he was a rookie. Great things shouldn’t have been expected, right? Of course it’s right! This will only make him better. For now, we add a premium talent at a premium position and line him up across from Steve Smith and let things happen. We also plan to re-sign DeAngelo Williams and focus on running the ball more succesfully than last season. A running game will be Clausen’s best friend but Smith and Green will be his best friend on 3rd down.

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