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Welcome to the Offseason

That’s a tough one to let sink in…

The Jaguars’ season is now over and what a roller coaster. There were so many swings, high and low and high and low, and interestingly, it kind of ended exactly how we thought it would. 8-8, .500, 50/50, 3-3 in the division – right down the middle. There were times where I thought it would be much better. There were times where I thought it would be much worse.

So how should you feel today? That’s up to you. Personally, I’m glad we retained Jack Del Rio, because I feel that the vision is there and the players believe in him. I think that he’s developed our young talent and I believe him that we are squeezing this roster for all it’s worth. However, there is much work to be done this offseason.

Please share your thoughts here and look forward to a great offseason of Jaguars insight at Black&Teal. There is a lot to discuss and we hope you’ll join us for all of the excitement building towards the 2011 season, which hopefully starts on time!

Thank you all for reading. Go Jags.

-Andrew Hofheimer

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  • Gregory

    3-3 and three in the division. And I look forward to reading your insight later in the offseason!

  • jagsoldier

    I personally love the offseason. God knows though that this season really flew by. With the exception of the last 2 games I thought the season was a success. Even with the blowouts I think there was some growth I just cant get over the Skins and Texans games. They should have been wins even with the injuries. But I love all the positives. Garrard deserves one more shot and just look at all the developing talent on bot sides of the ball. On offense we saw Mercedes Lewis finally break out, MJD was awesome again, Monroe and Britton are solid, the WR corp is fantastic for how young the players are. Not sold on MSW but Hill looks to be another Gene steal. On defense we are set at the DT position if D’Anthony Smith plays to standard. I love Greene and Cox and Mincey and Lane might be real keepers. We still have a hundred holes to fill but I like the nucleus. Cant wait until free agency and the draft are over. It was a fun season everybody.