David Garrard IS an Elite Level Quarterback

I know that David has come under pressure from much of the media, blogs, and other sites devoted to reporting anything relevant to the news.  But, in the Jaguars’ wins this year David Garrard  has shown that he does have elite level abilities, elite level reading of defenses, and elite awareness of defensive pressure.

Sunday, on the way to stomping the Cowboys 35-17, David Garrard threw 17 of 21 for 260 yards, five touchdowns (1 running), and zero interceptions (including no passes that looked like they would be intercepted).  He played crisp, led the team strongly, and had poise that rivaled that of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.  On the year, David has a 98.8 quarterback rating (including a 157.3 rating this week).

Sure, David has struggled.   But his receivers are young and have growing pains, his offensive line is not playing at its top potential, and the running attack has suffered this year as well.  But, when David has the ball in his hands he looks confident and has proven that the team can have faith in him to make the throws necessary to win.  Sure, he tossed four picks to the Chargers, but a few of those bounced off Jaguars receivers.

I have faith in David Garrard.  Do you?

- Luke N. Sims

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  • jagsoldier

    I cant get on this train my friend. Garrard is way to see-saw for me. He has been in this league a while now and has played in a lot of games. No one will doubt that he has physical talent. He has a strong arm and can move but he is not decisive enough. Dont get me wrong he isnt the dumbest QB in the league but he sure aint the brightest. In San Diego some of those ints bounced off the hands of the defense meaning that he isnt watching his surroundings. He is slow in his reads and he locks onto recievers. Yada yada. We have all said these things in the past. The point is that at times he can be real good when everything is going right with the game. But when things go South he starts taking sacks and chucking ints. The truth is that after next season he might not even be on this team. Best case scenerio he will get picked up by a team desperate for a QB but my guess is that he will fall back to the backup role. Atleast he got his big payday.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      David must be Bi-Polar. I wonder what causes this? He reminds me of my golf game.

  • Shanks

    Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees(last year) & Aaron Rodgers(last year) are elite level QB’s to consider DG on the same level as them is a disgrace to those guys. I actually am a fan of DG but would never in my life consider him elite. Sure he has good games and this past week it was a great game but please don’t expect this level of play. That is why he gets so much flak in the first place is unreasonable expectations. There should be absolutely no blame on the recievers either. Mike Thomas as been playing at a high level and MSW is hit or miss but its not because he is “young”. Marcedes Lewis is turning out to be a top 5 TE so hes got people to throw it to. DG is just a middle of the pack QB, sure he has great games but elite QB’s dont have meltdowns like he does.

  • Johnathan

    You list Aaron Rodgers and co as elite quarterbacks during past seasons (Last year) but refuse to consider David Garrard an elite quarterback when he has good games that, when combined, can total an entire season? I agree with what Luke has said. He is an elite level QB, just quite inconsistent (unfortunately).

    I also think David Garrard is on the elite level, but I don’t think he has the flash or grace that a Manning or a Brady has. I think that if he were in a pass happy scheme he would have that flashyness that the others have as well. It would be quite brilliant if he were because he is WAY better than 70% of the QBs who have started this season. I would argue he’s in the top 10% easily. Name 7 QBs who are better and I will be shocked. Actually that’s not a bad idea, who do you guys think are better QBs than David Garrard?

    • jagsoldier

      Both Mannings
      Romo before injury
      Roesthlesberger has in the few games hes played

      These guys have all been consistent all season. When they have bad games its not anywhere near the level in which Garrard has bombed.

      • Luke

        I agree with 10 of those. I don’t think Matty Ice and Flacco have proven themselves, same goes for Sanchez and Freeman and Kolb (Though I think all of them are on the rise). I’m glad you wrote this before I responded to Johnathan because I didn’t have to think this way.

  • Bill Smith

    David is not an elite quarterback because he telegraphs his passes on to many occasions and does not have touch on his deep throws. He takes entirely to many sacks instead of throwing the ball away. I still think that he is mobile enough to get out of bad situations with his legs and should get what he can instead of taking negative yardage plays which kill alot of our drives. I think the OC should go to a hurry up offense and get the ball out of his hands quicker.