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Well, today is a sad day here in Jacksonville. With the announcement that Derrick Harvey has lost his starting spot to 2006 6th round pick, Jeremy Mincey, that leaves exactly ZERO players from Shack Harris’ 2008 draft in the Jaguars’ starting lineup. Fortunately, Black&Teal is at the cutting edge of journalism, professionalism, and in-depth exposure for Jacksonville’s most hardcore fans’ enjoyment. We have contacted Shack Harris and will be interviewing him next week, right here at Black&Teal!!!

I’m sure you all have many questions for Shack, so please submit them in the comments section and we will have Shack answer them next week! This is not the time to pull punches, let ‘em rip.

Some discussion points…

Presenting the Jaguars 2008 draft:

  • 1st round – Derrick Harvey, started at defensive end, 2008-2010, benched 2010
  • 2nd round – Quentin Groves,  situational pass rusher for the Jaguars in ’08 and ’09, traded to Oakland for a 5th round pick
  • 5th round – Thomas Williams, special teamer in ’08, released before the 2009 season
  • 5th round – Trae Williams, released prior to 2008 season
  • 7th round – Chauncey Washington, played on Jaguars practice squad and special teams, released before the 2009 season

All of these players would have been entering their third year in the NFL and reaching the peak of their careers. Not that they’d all be starting, but one would at least hope they’d be contributing…to the Jaguars. This draft was absolutely horrible and explains why Shack Harris is no longer a Jaguars’ employee and why Gene Smith has more rebuilding to do than we had originally realized. I hope this will give all of the fans’ perspective and patience, while Gene continues to sculpt the future of our team.

Leave your questions for Shack below!

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Nice idea- here are a few questions:
    What do you think about your drafts?
    What medicine where you on in 2008- when you made those decisions?
    What do you think about Gene Smith’s work and drafts?

  • tkopa


    A lot of people are blaming you for the demise of the 2010 team. How do you respond?

  • dreggleston

    Is it true that Byron Leftwich is your illegitimate son?

  • jagsoldier

    Yes you guys are using my choice!

    So you go into a draft with 11 picks and you walk away with 5 players and only one of them is left on the team. Realistically we had a chance that some of those picks could have been realy good players but you narrowed the chances by trading them all away. Did BAP ever cross your mind?

    What made you think that a guy with a broken leg was going to be a star QB? Talking about Leftwich here.

    Shrooms or Weed? cause you were on something.

  • jewasuarus

    If you were a sandwich, what type of sandwich would you be?

    How would you grade your time as the GM of the Jaguars?

    What was your thought process for drafting Matt Jones?

  • dagjax

    So, be honest Shack-arino, how good were those brownies Reggie Williams sent you before the draft?

  • kjones407

    During these drafts, why were these players selected over these?

    2003: QB Byron Leftwich over OT Jordan Gross, DE/LB Terrell Suggs, CB Marcus Trufant and S Troy Polumalu

    2004: WR Reggie Williams over QB Ben Roethlisberger, LB Jonathan Vilma, WR Lee Evans and DE Will Smith

    2005: WR Matt Jones over QB Aaron Rodgers, WR Roddy White, TE Heath Miller and OG Logan Mankins

    2006: TE Marcedes Lewis over C Nick Mangold, RB Josaphe Addai, DE Mathias Kiwanuka and LB DeMeco Ryans

    2007: S Reggie Nelson over WR Dwayne Bowe, S Brandon Merriweather, LB Jon Beason and OT Joe Staley

    I’m sure we’ll get an explanation on the 2008 draft. But it is obvious that the ’08 draft was not only one where potential marquee players were missed, it was just the capstone draft where the disaster came to light.

    I’d also like to know about free agent signings such as Jerry Porter, Cleo Lemon and Drayton Florence before the ’08 season.

    • kjones407

      All of those players were selected within the next ten picks, which is why I asked about those. The reason can’t be that they were unknown to the scouting personnel.