Where is the reporting on Tampa Bay attendance?

42,000 paid to see the St. Louis Rams play at Raymond James Stadium. 36,000 actually came to the game.
Did you hear that on any national media reporting? I didn’t. Want to know why? It didn’t happen in Jacksonville.

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  • thehof

    They have finally eased up on Jacksonville, at least. I’m hearing less jokes about how few fans we have and more stuff like “Jacksonville had ticket sales issues last year but is yet to have a game blacked out this year”. Gotta keep it up and weather this storm…

  • jagsoldier

    I have been paying attention to it as well. It is starting to look more and more like the NFL wants the Jags out of Florida soon. The more this goes on the more I cant help but think that the Jags need to do something drastic that will draw the crowds. A new QB next year will help if he is a high enough pick but if they cant find the guy they want in the 1st then they need to use that pick on a flashy guy that Kiper is drooling over. You guys talked about it earlier, a Dez Bryant type of player who will make an impact. Look at Reggie Bush, he doesnt put up amazing stats but the things he does and the way he does them makes New Orleans fall at his feet. They love him. To make the NFL bashers go away we have to get sexy and fast.

    • surteal

      Its the Tebow argument, except for a talented player.

      BUT, what good is a flashy, we’ll just wr, if there is no QB. A QB is sexy. We have a LT. Lets say a C in the third with a FS in the 2nd.

      It can work out, but BAP should get us rock solid. For instance, i thought the cowboys were stupid for taking Felix Jones, well it looks good after Marion the Barbarian pretty much hit a wall. BAP and lets hope the QB’s are ranked high.

      The more we lose (not tank, just lose) then the higher our pick and the easier it is to get whatever QB Gene wants. It’s not a bad thing, really. It’s exciting.

      To clarify, the building of a franchise is exciting, not the losing. Building a franchise is just amazing to me.

  • Patrick

    It might be because they are winning