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Fabio from Chile says: A bad present and a mediocre future

After two weeks without writing for the site and with the Jags going down again in Kansas City, I’m ready to join Terry in the “not a believer in GM Gene” train.

I know JDR is an average to bad coach. Also, it’s pretty clear that Mel Tucker should be coaching Pop Warner. But after those two (and others) are fired after this season, we’ll have one little problem: this team lacks talent. What’s worse, the Jags don’t have a STAR player.

Shack Harris was an awful personnel man. Gene Smith isn’t bad, but he’s mediocre, like the overall results of the players he has drafted:

Eugene Monroe: Solid player, no star, but he’s a keeper.

Eben Britton: Better than Mike Pearson, but mediocre. Now injured.

Derek Cox: Has talent, but inconsistent.

Terrance Knighton: Him and Monroe are good players, not great. Inconsistent, but a good pick from Gene.

Mike Thomas: Good player.

Jarrett Dillard, Zach Miller, Rashad Jennings: Flashes, but all three injury-prone.

Tiquan Underwood: Alvis Whitted 2.0, but not bad for a seventh round pick.

Tyson Alualu: Solid player so far. Probably never a star, but has potential.

D’Anthony Smith: On IR.

Larry Hart: No impact, so far.

Austen Lane: Still “green”. No impact in a couple of years, probably.

Deji Karim: Good pick, excellent return guy, solid player.

Scotty McGee: On IR.

That’s 15 players: It’s early, but in my opinion we have, 3 above average players (Tyson, Monroe, Knighton), three good, near average guys (Karim, Cox, Thomas), two guys that I’m having serious doubts (Britton, Hart), and a bunch of guys who are two years away from –perhaps- contributing, or perpetually injured.

Oh, and no All Pro stars on the horizon. Again. (unless you count Josh Scobee).

Meanwhile, during this “3-4 year rebuilding project”, we are seeing some good players decline, like Mathis, Manuwai, Meester, Daryl Smith and even MJD.

I hope Gene Smith drafts some QB’s and lot of prospects to help the defense. But what I want is a couple of star players. No more mediocre choir boys, please.

Fabio Ríos

  • Jason

    Essentially wiritng off all of the draft picks before any one of them has 2 years experience in the league. Wow are you some tough critic!! After all, it takes time for people to acclimate to the NFL.

  • Denny

    And with that said the choir boys comment is ridiculous. Them being “choir boys” has nothing to do with them being mediocre. You can be a “bad boy” and be mediocre too. The comment was idiotic.

  • Jeff

    I agree with what you are saying, but i think the jury’s still out on Gene Smith. We have good players, not stars, but the coaching and development has been awful

  • Fabio

    With the “choir boys” comment i was just saying that the team will pass on talent like Dez Bryant and others. I don’t agree with that mindset, but it’s a fact.

    Also, who’s writing off anyone? I said we have three players who could develop into near Pro Bowl players. I’ll give them time. Still, the Jags need a better batting average than that, considering they must overachieve.

    Also, i agree that the coaches are a problem. The jury is out on them, they must go. On the GM, the jury is still out. My point is that Gene was crowned too fast as a savior last year. Next year will be critical for him.

    • tkopa

      I share the point about Gene. I doubt the savoir thinking. I think he is better than James Harris but middle of the road in the NFL. There is no Gene Smith is infallible thinking here.

  • surteal

    my first thought was “boo”.

    But I’ll elaborate.

    You can’t build a roster from what really is trash up to a competitive team by taking dez bryant 10th overall. Fact.

    Now in year two or three, it’s an option I would not choose first, but I’ll admit that it is a valid option.

    Bill Polian is the supposed best and Tony Ugoh is my first example of how he sucks at times. Damn, no ones perfect and all the D-linemen need roughly 3 years to develop. Your comment on them should have been “pending”.

    Back on Bryant, I personally see him as one of the top 3 receivers drafted since Fitzgerald (Nicks, C Johnson, H Nicks). However, Brandon Marshall could be argued for a spot, but he disappears at times. I apologize for the length, my point that I’m trying to make is that I absolutely love Dez Bryant’s talent and I think he will be a permanent star, however, it is unwise to take a WR early. You really do need the big guys early, due to their increasing rarity. The Chiefs game was a major tell about the strength of our lines. I was curious in the pre-season why so many claimed that our lines were fixed. Kampman is a fringe Pro-Bowler. Harvey is a DT in an ends body. Alualu was a great pick (never heard of him when he was drafted, but his college film on youtube is great and so is his current play). If you look at the depth on the D-line, well, there is a reason that Alualu and Kampman have played roughly 98 percent of snaps.

    On the offensive line, the interior is trash. I’m still not impressed with Uche, but I guess that his contract could, in all technicality, have him as a backup to more talented players.

    My point: The lines are not fixed. We’re not close.

    • jagsoldier

      I agree with you Surteal. It has only been two years of Gene drafting. Patience is needed with these young guys. I like what I see out of all the Gene draftees who have played so far. In my opinion they have all played up to or exceded the draft position they were selected in. I do not see any busts and I feel that anyone taken after the 3rd can never be considered a bust because he is a chance pick. This team suffers from the mistakes of the past. Gene is building a strong nucleus and he needs to keep doing what he is doing.
      Now after saying that I would like to add that the Jags need to spend a pick on a flashy guy like Dez Bryant in one of the next couple of drafts because it helps the ignorant portion of the fan base buy tickets and a guy Dez would look good in Teal.

      • surteal

        Thank you, JagSoldier, but i gotta apologize.
        I have this thing where i type too fast. I listed Nicks twice in my top-3 drafted since Fitzgerald. The list should have stated that i liked, in no order: Calvin Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Dez Bryant.

        That said, Nicks is really fun to watch. I was watching him and i have a new term: Luxury Pick.

        Nicks was a Luxury Pick and we didn’t have that luxury.

        Maybe in a few years, we get a Luxury Pick to get some flash in J-ville.

        Not now though, we still need the blue-collar, lunch-pail, big, uglies.

  • kjones407

    How can you predict the team to have a mediocre future after Gene only having two drafts to work with? I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion. I’d much rather have a team full of solid players than one or two star players that you depend on to win for you. The only position that I would demand be a star is the quarterback. And one more question; how is Gene a middle of the road NFL GM? Have you analyzed every other teams moves and judged them against his to say that as truth. I just don’t agree with your assessment of the teams future, I’m glad it’s just an opinion, as every other thing stated in this article.