Jaguars cut Gerald Alexander - Again!

Can anyone explain the logic of the rebuilding? I am beginning to feel like there is a migrant workforce of NFL defensive backs waiting for the truck to pull up and say “you and you are starting this week”. Maybe I didn’t pay attention, did Gerald Alexander do that bad? Are Don Carey and David Jones that much better? Leave a comment if you know anything. Thanks.
- Terry

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  • Luke

    The roster spots of Gerald Alexander and Jacob Cutrera were filled with Todd Bouman and Patrick Ramsey. They were cut purely so we can throw a few more quarterbacks on the roster. Otherwise we may die on offense. Alexander is solid, but at best he is just a bandaid used to cover the spot until we get a new safety that we can rely on. I’m curious to see if Carey or Jones will be able to adapt over this year to become impressive members of the defense. We are only six games in mind you, so I’m curious to see if they develop. Maybe their upside is seen as more beneficial than Alexander. Although Alexander may be playing at a higher level currently, maybe he has reached his max and Gene sees this? I’m just speculating, but that is what I figure is going on.

  • Luke

    What I am most curious about is the signing of Michael Hamlin to the practice squad. I’ve searched for this guy numerous times and know nothing about him at all. No college, no prior work, only that he used to be a quarterback and we have him signed at safety for the practice squad. Perhaps Gene has found some diamond in the rough that he wishes to develop? I’m not certain, but at least he’s giving him a shot, so it could be possible. I wouldn’t mind getting away without spending hardly any money and no draft pick on a safety that we suddenly found! But perhaps this is just wishful thinking?

    • Luke

      Ok, 5th round pick by the Cowboys in 2009. Played at Clemson. Perhaps something to look at?? We’ll find out!

  • acedarney

    Alexander wasn’t playing very well (that’s why he got cut in the first place). I guess Don Carey and Courtney Greene are just as bad, and so you might as well see what those guys have so you can better evaluate the talent on your team. Also, Alexander will probably not get signed by anyone else in the league while the quarterbacks are out.

  • Frustrated with Koetter More than Anything

    At this point I’d much rather have a CB/S round 1 and QB 2 or 3 than QB round 1. None of the QB’s at this point impress me enough to be picked round 1 and I’m sick of watching games where the other team targets opposite Rashean the whole game. I’m also sick of watching our playcalling be amazing and creative one week(IE Colts/Bills) and totally vanilla the next(IE Titans)

    • Luke

      I couldn’t agree more with your first comment about the draft! I’d much prefer a second or third round QB!

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I think that was a huge mistake…
    But I start to question the whole front office & coaches expertism in the secondary…

    Vic said JDR and Gene decided that they stick with Greene and Carey this season; and they try to “grow up the kids” this year.

    • tkopa

      Horrible idea unless losing is the goal.

  • dagjax

    JDR seems to be stuck in an existential turnstile which is defined by the repeated theme of “losing is the goal.” Please allow me to explain. The JDR style is not to play to win, it’s to play to not loose (minus the scatter brain 4th and 1+ attempts outside the 50). How many times have we seen his teams fall apart like a smoked chicken if down going into the half? A lot. How many times have his teams dropped a preverbal load while trying to make a “tournament” push late in the year? Quite a few times. The 12 & 4 season may be regarded as the easiest of that decade, and in 07′ he had the best running back tandem in the NFL. I apologize for this going a little long, but this loss hurt. I wipe my hands of Del Rio; let him finish out the season, but start looking now. Am I over the top with this?

    • tkopa

      Not any more than anyone else in Jacksonville this week. That loss on Monday night was just too much for a lot of people.