How to know if the Jaguars are a Real Playoff Team

This test against Tennessee will go a long way toward telling us where the Jaguars are in terms of becoming a playoff team. Here are five things to grade that will give us a clue. Feel free to add your own.

1) The Tennessee Titans pass rush is having trouble getting to David. This means the pass blocking is developing very well.  A++ is Marcedes can go out on pass patterns and David still has time.

2) On third and two or third and three, Maurice runs and converts. This says the Jaguars are winning the battles and dominating. No nonsense football.

3) Chris Johnson doesn’t break a run more than 7 yards.  This says the linebackers are alert and ready to play. The defensive line is holding their own.

4) Vince Young is intercepted or a receiver is dislodged from the ball in a turnover. This says coverage is tighter and windows for passing are smaller. The secondary is improving.

5) The Titans start a fight and the entire Jaguar team swarms. This says “touch one, you touch all” and the team is ready to do what it takes to win. They are not looking for someone to do it, they all will do it.

So what do you think? Will the Jaguars pass this test? Are you getting nervous? As we have said on this site before, there is blood in the water. Let’s see who gets eaten by who.  See you at the stadium!

- Terry O’Brien

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  • Matthew Spiegel

    I agree with everything except the “fight” part. That would show me an undisciplined football team, not a team “ready to do what it takes to win.”

    • tkopa

      I threw that one in because I know the Titans are coming in as bullies. I want the Jaguars to stare them down.

  • JPQ!

    I am nervous…not because of a lack of faith in the Jags, but because of the national MNF stage. A win would be really big for us.
    I would add that getting to Vince Young for MULTIPLE sacks would show our pass rush is growing into a real stregnth.
    Finally, another great performance from special teams would be great.

  • thehof

    6) No big plays over the top. We have to get our pass coverage issues under control and that’s gotta start with eliminating big plays. If we’re playing 2 high coverage, then the safetys HAVE TO get there and make the tackle; that doesn’t require elite speed or incredible instinct, just executing the fundamentals of the position. If we’re not in 2 high and being more aggressive, then the rush has to get there before the ball gets deep – that simple. Those are the only options for rectifying this issue with the personnel we have and our players are certainly capable of doing that given that they EXECUTE.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    1. Block Jones that’s all. Babin and Bell are not better then Freeney and Mathis. babin is a beast in the other hand. Meester and co getting their hands full.

    2. MJD -I’M nuot suzre about him. But I agree someone need to do the short yardage things. If it’s Karim or Jennings or Greg Jones- don’t care- just do it!

    3. Not gonna happen. Maybe the Steelers can do that; or the Jets but not us. Don’t wish for almost unrealistic things.

    4. That could (AND SHOULD) happen.In Dallas he looked like a QB. I hope he will change back to Vince Young…
    It will be a big test- we will know much more about the ’10 jaguars after this game. If they can beat the Titans upfront; they can do with (almost) anybody!

  • James

    I disagree with #5 as well. I’d rather see a team that gets out of these fights and benefits from the 15 yard penalties. You’re not gonna prove anything with personal fouls. MJD running someone over or a linebacker laying a receiver out is proof of toughness enough for me.

    As for #3, I agree…sorta. I agree that Chris Johnson needs to be contained, but holding CJ under a 7 yard rush all game is near impossible. I guarantee he will get 5-15 yard rushes sometime or another. No team can stop that. It’s the 20+ that the Jaguars can’t allow.

    • tkopa

      I meant no rush longer than 7 yards. He may have 15 rushes for 105 yards, but not one over 7 yards.

      • Luke

        I think James was referring to any rush under 7 yards. It is very very difficult to stop any NFL back on any teams roster and keep them from getting zero 7+ yard rushing plays throughout a game. It just doesn’t happen all that often. Would that be incredible? Yes. But does that mean we are a playoff caliber team? I doubt it. Lots of playoff teams allow a lot of rushes for more than 10 yards but still manage to not allow a 100 yard rusher (though they may allow more than 100 yards total on the ground).
        To go off your 15 carries for 105 yards thing, that comes to an average of 7 yards per carry. Which would defeat your statement. But in reality a lot of those carries would probably be under 7 yards and then he’d break one for 15 or so. Get a few 2, 4, 6, 2, 3, and such until BAM 17 yards. It is just the way the running game works. Otherwise, I agree on all your points Terry. Except maybe the fighting….but I do come from the State of Hockey and I like a brawl every so often.

  • thehof

    I’m more concerned about the short passes to Chris Johnson…I’ve seen a tendency in our linebackers to get overzealous and out of position and if CJ gets to the safety level…well, let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

  • kjones407

    6) If David Garrard can keep his touchdown to interception ratio to 2:1. This team will lose if they can’t win the turnover battle. The Jags aren’t built for the big play, so they have to keep the game close, that’s their only chance and it all starts with Garrard.