Thank you Jim Caldwell

The Jaguars needed a little bit of help winning the game against the Colts. After all, the Jaguars played as well as they could and still needed a 59 yard miracle field goal and a dropped interception to finish the deal.  Thankfully Jim Caldwell was there to help. The problem I am having is I can’t decide how he helped the most. Can you help me think this one out?

The first thing he did was call timeout with a second and two for the Jaguars. You know the Jaguars wanted to run the ball rather than trust David which would have burned time off the clock. Was Jack serious about trying to score? He was after Jim Caldwell called timeout. There was time to go for it. Jack saw an opening that I am not sure he saw before.  Maybe that was a gift, I don’t know.

The second thing our friend Jim did was try to ice Scobee. The Jaguars ran out and set up for the field goal. I was sitting watching thinking, this looks like the typical Jaguars, a little hurried, a little uncoordinated. I didn’t think the rush was going to get the job done, then Jim Caldwell called timeout. The Jaguars settled in, Scobee lined up his kick and I felt more sure of the second try than the first. I thought the timeout was a real gift allowing the Jaguars to get comfortable.

So which one was the biggest blessing for the Jaguars? Help me out.

 - Terry O’Brien

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  • JPQ!

    While I agree that the TO by the Colts on the 2nd and 2 helped us out due to the game situation at the time, your reference to us needing a “miracle” and a dropped interception to win the game is totally erroneous. In actuality, it was the Colts who needed a dropped interception to even have a chance at winning. Don’t forget, we were winning, and the Colts were driving with under 2 minutes when David Jones dropped what would have been the game ending interception. THEY needed the help, not us. We executed our gameplan (not perfectly)to the cusp of a victory. david Jones hands gave the Colts the “miracle” they needed.

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  • Fabio

    I voted one..still can’t believe it