Trent Edwards - Yet another bad decision

Is it just me or does anyone else feel Gene Smith is flailing away these days and driving Jacksonville into the bottom of the NFL?

Trent Edwards was not liked by either the fans or the players in Buffalo. He plays a very conservative game with questionable judgement. It has been said the won’t throw the ball more than 10 yards. His last play as a Buffalo Bill was 4th and 11 and he ran out of bounds after 6 yards. The people in Buffalo turned off the television rather than watch him play. If you are frustrated with David Garrard dumping off, wait until you see Trent Edwards play.

But the Trent Edwards move isn’t all I refer to. Sign Michael Coe, keep Michael Coe, cut Gerald Alexander, cut Michael Coe, sign Gerald Alexander. Sign Ernest Wilford, cut Ernest Wilford, sign Ernest Wilford, cut Ernest Ernest Wilford. Is anyone happy with the secondary we have? Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub are. David Jones is our best hope back there other than Rashean Mathis who got the cold shoulder at a contract discussion. 

According to Profootballfocus after three weeks the best Defensive Tackle in football is Kevin Williams of Minnesota. The second best is John Henderson of Oakland. The third is Haloti Ngata of Baltimore and the fourth is Derek Landri of Carolina.  Tyson Alualu is making a case for rookie of the year but who is our backup for Terrance Knighton? Terrance Knighton has been on the field for 133 snaps this year. Tyson Alualu has seen 167 snaps this year.  John Henderson has seen 56 snaps. Couldn’t John Henderson have been used as a rotational guy? Derek Landri was dismissed as not worthy of a spot, so was John Henderson. I don’t believe that. The Carolina Panthers are playing good defense and Derek Landri is contributing a lot.

Another confusion is for me is the part time usage of Derrick Harvey. In the Philadelphia game Larry Hart played as many snaps as Derrick Harvey did. Larry Hart is quickly becoming a starter while Derrick Harvey gets the “Shack treatment”. Are we starting a Gene guy and punishing a Shack guy? I’ve seen that before.

David Jones is our starting cornerback. Where is Tyron Brackenridge? In 2009 Profootballfocus rated Tyron Brackenridge the 33rd best corner in football. This was out of 107 cornerbacks who saw considerable game action. David Jones is not the 33rd best cornerback in football. Right now, he is the 89th best corner. William Middleton, our other cornerback, is seeing more game time than Tyron Brackenridge.

To me the Jacksonville Jaguars are acting in a very suspicious and curious mode. They seem to be getting rid of players that have ability in order to see if some of these unproven players have something to offer. Trent Edwards is not the savior of the Jaguars. John Henderson was not used up. Derek Landri was not worthless, Derrick Harvey should not be riding the bench and Tyron Brackenridge should not relegated to special teams. Right now, Quentin Groves is playing outside linebacker better than Justin Durant.

You tell me what you see. What I am seeing is an accumulating pile of evidence that talent evaluation and player judgement is seriously flawed in our team. Trent Edwards only seems to be more evidence that the Jaguars are cycling downward. Are we playing for the number one draft choice?

- Terry O’Brien

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  • Daviis

    Uhh I think you are reaching pretty far on that. You must don’t follow the team. You would know that he gutted the roster and basically decided to get younger. 56 snaps to 167 and use him as a rotational guy who was gonna get paid a starters salary? Derek Landri? Really if we are playing for the first pick then what is Carolina doing lol? Derek Harvey can’t even get on the stat sheet after two full years in the league. The rookie DT Tyson has more sacks than the Three year staring defensive end. Might as well put a young guy out there and get some rep since your boy Shack sure couldn’t pick the right guys. Why are you people so negative towrds the Jags. You guys and other publications will be the reason the jags will be gone. So I hope you are stacking your “website” money cause if the team leaves I would really like to know what you guys will bad mouth. Proly the Boy Scouts of America next.

    • Luke

      While I like most of the points mentioned here, by Davlis, I would like to add a few of my own and also, as a writer of this site, defend the final claim expressed.
      1) Trent Edwards has HUGE potential. He is recognized around the league as having a very high upside. In 2008 he had a 65% completion percentage. He threw for almost 3000 yards (Sure, he’s not Manning), and he threw 35 passes for 20 or more yards and 5 for 40 or more. Sounds better than Garrard did that season. The only problem with his numbers is his TD/INT ratio. He doesn’t throw a lot of picks (10 in a season is his high), he just doesn’t throw a lot of touchdowns. I like Edwards. He was ridiculed in Buffalo because the Bills wanted wins and he wasn’t delivering on a team that has been horrendous since the ’90s. I think he will benefit greatly from the change of scenery. Speaking of Change of Scenery:
      2) Derek Harvey is a waste of space, and money. I always thought Quentin Groves had far more potential. I am not shocked that Groves is playing well at all, I kind of wish he was still here. The only reason we kept Harvey, and still have him, is that we invested a ton of money in him.
      3) Henderson deserves to start, no question about that. I’m happy he is! But this is a transition time for the Jags. There will be growing pains. Period. It would have been unfair to only have Henderson in as a rotation man, not to mention a waste of his salary.
      4) Derek Landri had always played well for the Jags. He is a good rotation man. But he didn’t fit the new defense (non 3-4) and his play in that scheme was not enough to keep him around. Now that we have moved back to a 4-3, it is regrettable to not have him. But this is a transition, there will always be somebody we get rid of that has a good year. But 6 tackles (no sacks) is not necessarily a good year either. He’s just tackling the ball carrier on a horrendous team.
      5) David Jones has potential. I wrote about this. I like what I see out of him, as a safety, but he needs to improve. Not to mention that if Cox was still in form he wouldn’t need to be on the field.
      6) Signing, cutting, resigning, is a good strategy. It’s not like those players are going anywhere. It keeps them employed (partly), and gives us a bigger player pool. It’s a smart strategy to be willing to make roster moves immediately in order to move in a more competitive direction.
      7) Davlis, every writer on this site has their own opinions. Some of us are disenfranchised by Gene Smith (Terry, Zoltan), but they still support the team as a whole. Others (Myself) still like the moves Smith is making. But we all still support the team, and we all have separate predictions for the season. I thought we had a far better team, turns out I was wrong with my 10-6 hopes. But it is a good thing critique the moves made by our leadership.
      8) We try to stay accurate. When reading the previews we put together we don’t always have the Jags winning. It’s just not possible. Just because we like a team doesn’t mean we have to be blind to the fact that we may lose some.
      9) Sorry to Terry, Zoltan, Andrew (though I didn’t mention your opinions) if I offend you for speculating about your views in this response.

      • Davis

        Sorry about that reaction. Maybe just out of frustration. You are right that people do have there opinions but it just came off as they felt Edwards was going to the franchise qb or something lol. We needed depth behind Garrard and somebody who could push him and maybe come in if he stinks up the joint. To really critcize this move just came off as nit picking. Glad to know you guy do support the team though. It’s just a lot of negativity going on in this city and around this team. Keep up the good work guys and know I do enjoy the articles.

        • Luke

          But of course sir! Thanks for being open and honest with us, it’s nice to hear from readers that have strong opinions!
          I agree with why Edwards is coming to Jacksonville. I actually think he could thrive in our system and with a change of scenery…just a thought. Not that I don’t like Garrard, but he isn’t playing so hot. And Edwards is young so that could save us a lot of money on a 1st or 2nd round QB. Which means we could use our earlier picks on secondary players. IF he plays well of course!

      • zoltanfrombudapest

        (reaction to Luke’s 1st comment)

        I agree with your points that we must have hope in our artticles. I try to being positive; but we must admit; we had two terrible losses. We can’t say everything is right; because it’s not true. I hope we can write feel good stories; and I always keep a place for positivism. I try to understand Gene Smith; and trying to be positive about it.
        But as I wrote in my “gut check” article; we know we have a huge secondary problem; and I see no steps top solve it. This issues must be marked too.
        But I understand your point of view; and I hope your articles we havve optimistic stories about team

        • FanofJag

          Honestly, the thing that is startling is that Terry and Zoltan, have been on the Gene Smith Bandwagon until recently. You can’t preach for the better part of two years, that a Guy is great at what he does, and then turn on him, and expect people to trust your judgements.

          I think everyone should give at least three years to see if he can, in fact turn it around. He has tried to fix the O-line, and stepping back from the last two weeks, are you really going to complain about the work that has been done there? He has fixed the D-line, and managed to keep many other parts of the team “current”.
          We are in a slump, yes, but Zoltan, What is he supposed to address in the secondary right now? You were upset when he cut Alexander, and now that he has brought him back you say he hasn’t addressed the issue. If we concentrated on the secondary this year in the draft, what would the d-line look like? I assume that Scotty Mcgee, was thought to be at the least future depth for the secondary in addition to his sp teams prowess. So losing him hurts.
          Should Gene stop drafting from small schools? Maybe. But he hasn’t turned in a bad job, you (Terry, Zoltan), know the work that has been put in and you know its better than the last regime.
          The truth of the matter is we have a tough opening schedule, that’s not getting any easier, and we have a (at this point) lame duck coach and QB. Gene can’t fix it all at once, but he doesn’t have much time.
          I think the frustration is getting to a lot of our beloved Jags sites, but after soul searching this week, I realize Jags fans need to take a breath. Also, Terry, maybe a positive article would give you some peace, is it time to see your Mystic Friend for some advice?(I love and miss those articles you wrote on BigCat)

          Sorry for venting, when I don’t ever post, but i read these sites everyday, and this cloud over the franchise is disturbing, I needed to make some peace.

          • zoltanfrombudapest

            (answer to FanofJag)
            Please understand that being critical =/= jumping of the Gene Smith bandwagon. I think with Gene Smith the Jaguars can return to the path of success. I always rooting for the Jaguars no matter what. I still found positive things =related to Gene- Tyson; Knighton; Kampman)in the last game. Don’t get me (or Terry) wrong.

            In all that said; I remind everyone that we had 2 games which was ugly for us. Did you checked the power rankings? Jags are right before the 0-3 teams (I saw one that listed the 49ers ahead of us). In these times you can’t write about “everything will be fine.” I know that Shack Harris left a mess behind him ; and we starting to feel the failed drafts of his in a big way. Gene so far trying to turn the things around; as quick as can; but he had some flaws too(also our little division is very; very tough tough; maybe mre then ever. I’m sure this team would win the NFC West for example; but easily can be 4th in the 3rd startight time…).

            Bottom line is – We are not just pointing fingers. But we are trying to observe the situation; and trying to point out what are the deeper causes of the current problems.

      • Michael Clementi

        Luke… Hardcore Bills fan here. Hate to squash your dreams of the “Huge Potential” comment but take it from a guy who has not missed a game Trent has played, he is scared S**tless in the pocket. That’s why he was knicknamed Trentative or Captain Checkdown in Buffalo. He has less potential in my opinion then our past failure of a QB J.P.Losman. As far as his amazing completion percentage, anyone can attain that by checking down EVERY play. And as far as his amazing year of 3000 yards, that was before he got slammed into the ground in AZ. Trust me, that has instilled fear into his mind and he hasn’t played nor will he play like his past self. Those downfield tosses almost all came before his injury. I can’t honestly even tell you that he’s a decent backup option. Bills cut ties quickly with him when they knew he was an underachiever and played very poorly when the regular season came along. You are getting a smart kid, a good person but a horrible NFL QB. Good luck this season.

      • your dumb

        um Trent edwards sucks and was THE MAIN REASON the bills lost games. If you look only at stats he seems decent, but be warned. His style is stat friendly while at the same time completely ineffective as far as winning football games. He throws a deep sideline pass once or twice a game and thats it. Hes a true coward who doesnt care. Also I believe he’s gay. Seriously, not that thats bad, in life but on the field,you can see he cares about his hair and his eye brows, but not winning the game. You will see, if Trent Turdwards gives blood on the field, it will only via his menstruation.

  • David Johns

    Umm…Garrard is playing very badly. The Jags had to do SOMETHING. Trent Edwards is AWFUL, but what are they supposed to do? Just let Garrard ride the roster? Why not bring in another QB to light a fire under him at the very least?? REALITY CHECK: Garrard isn’t getting any better any time soon. He’s been in the league 9 years!!

    I do, however, like the fact the Jags are getting younger. The way things are going though we won’t see that youth develop in Jacksonville.

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Trent Edwards- I like the pickup. Why? He is came from free. He will be in play for being a backup QB (for which he is I think perfect). I think that was a good move.

    As fior the rest : I give you a point on DT (espcially on Landri- it was a big mistake; and Gene can’t explain that move to me!).
    The secondary – I spent some lines how I can’t understand why Gene not adressed the issue…

  • http://nothinyet Justin

    I don’t think the Jags were ever that high on Landri’s play. Even after that stellar playoff game in 07, when he had a fumble recovery, sack and interception, they didn’t seem impressed enough with him to give him more play time. The next year Rob Meier started! I never understood it!

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  • Randy

    Terry, Derek Landri is not better than Tyson or Terrence, but ProFootball ranks him higher? Cmon, read what you want, but believe your eyes. Henderson is inactive this week due to injury. Is the 33rd ranked corner that much better than the 64th ranked? They are all 2nd corners at that ranking. Look for things that are good. They are trying to fix it with new players because the older one’s didn’t get it done. Harvey has not produced at all in his time. In his time as a Jag he has just a few more sacks as Tebow has rushing yards for Denver this year.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Derek not better; and Terry not suggested him (I guess as a starter) However; depthwise he could be usefull (Like in the first 2 games; when Terrance struggled). The capabilty of rotating is useful in this league; and with Derek the Jaguars would have a good backup.

    • tkopa

      Randy, Right now Profootballfocus says Derek Landri is playing at a higher level than Tyson Alualu and much higher than Terrance Knighton.

      My point is if he was capable of that elsewhere, why not here? He cost nothing and a fresh defensive line is a real asset. We gave talent away for no reason.

      • Brian Fullford

        Profootballfocus’s ratings do not necessarily mean they are playing at a higher level: I think that was Randy’s point. After week 1 David’s stats indicated that he was a top tier QB. That is the problem with numbers.

  • zoltanfrombudapest
    • tkopa


  • Fran

    If John Henderson was really the 2nd best DT, don’t you think a team would have traded for him? Also, at that time we had Knighton, Alualu, Smith and Henderson. Henderson’s play was in decline. Quentin Groves did absolutely nothing for us here, why keep him around? The fact we got anything for Groves astounds me.

    Would you rather have Todd Bouman or Trent Edwards as your backup QB?

    Hindsight is 20/20

  • Marcus

    I agree that some of what you’re saying, but I think you’re missing a few things…First off, who said that Gene Smith went out and got Trent Edwards to take over for Garrard? If you were a GM and your best option at back-up was Todd Bouman, would you claim Edwards? Maybe not, but maybe thats why you’re not a GM. Also, you said that David Jones is our best bet in the secondary besides Rahsean…did you forget that Gene Smith made the trade to get him (plus a draft pick) in the preseason? I agree there’s a lot of bad decisions happening, but don’t leave out the draft picks he’s made that are making contributions (Monroe, Knighton, Jennings, Alualu, Hart, etc.) and the players he’s brought in that are playing well like Jones and Kampman. At least give credit where it’s due.

    • tkopa


      I didn’t say all his decisions are bad. I said there is a enough of them to cause the Jaguars problems in winning.

      Wouldn’t you rather have Derek Landri on the roster if he is producing wonderfully? Wouldn’t you want a dominant John Henderson even in a part time role?

      How about the Giants picking up Deon Grant? He is playing well as a safety. There was so much that could have been done to improve the Jaguar chances that i can’t blame it all on David Garrard or James Harris like people want to do. The GM owns a big piece of this.

  • Seth

    Are you crazy? Gene Smith is turning this team around.

    • tkopa

      Have you seen the 2010 Jaguars play?

  • Ray

    Derek Landri started the last two games of the pre-season and all regular season games thus far. To date he has 12 tackles and a number of hurries. Not bad for a DT.

  • Rich

    As a Bills fan I agree with Luke. Trent has potential in Jax’ system…HUGE potential. He can turn your franchise around. He needs to start soon. Tell Jack Del Rio to start him against the Bills pleeeeaaaaaase.

    • Luke

      I agree Rich. But “your dumb” from above (see the other comments) does have a point that he has been knocked around a bit and may be shell shocked. I guess we’ll see?

  • ABuffaloFan

    I’ve watched Trent his whole career. He is a terrible QB. He will not thrown the ball past the first down marker, and he never gives anyone the chance to make plays. He is so afraid to make a mistake, he won’t try to make a play. If he starts, I pity you.

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  • Seth Leir

    Jacksonville needs a new coach and QB I say CUT Jack De Rio and Garrard it’s time to move on