Handing out Jaguar Offensive Grades for Game 1

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Quarterback David Garrard: I thought David had a good game. Three touchdown passes, no interceptions and a balanced attack. His accuracy was excellent against a good defensive backfield. He had a very solid game and won the game for us.

There is nothing more I can ask of David or any oher quarterback. Given his receivers and running backs, can you see anything? David Garrard earns an A


The Offense won this game. The offensive line was a C+, receivers a B, running backs a B and the quarterback an A. The offense earns a solid B.  What this means is that the offense must play very well to compensate for the defense. If the defense can improve to a B level, we are looking at the bottom of the playoffs. Well, that assumes Houston and Tennessee are not really as good as they showed. We need more power to move up, but I expected 8-8 this year with hope. 

So how did you see it?

- Terry O’Brien


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