Handing out Jaguar Offensive Grades for Game 1

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Mike Sims-Walker: Mike dropped a beautiful pass right in his hands 20 yards downfield with David standing on the goal line.  He was thrown at twice with no receptions. He did do some nice blocking and was probably targeted by the defense. I can’t forgive the drop and not getting open. Mike Sims-Walker earns a C-

Mike Thomas: Mike was thrown at 7 times and caught 6 of them. He had 19 YAC and burned Champ Bailey 3 times including a beautiful over the shoulder catch for 26 yards. Mike Thomas surprised us all on Sunday.

Mike Thomas earns an Attaboy

Mike Thomas earns an A.

Marcedes Lewis: Thrown at twice both of them touchdowns! Hello money man. This included a 21 yard catch and run down the sidelines. The trouble with Marcedes Lewis was he didn’t block well in this game. 4 times he Jaguars ran with Marcedes leading. Three times it went for one yard. Finally Rashad Jennings cracked off a beautiful 15 yard run, which set up the Marcedes reception for a TD. Marcedes had a good game but not perfect. Marcedes earned a B+

Receivers earned a solid B.

Running Backs.

Greg Jones: 5 times the Jaguars ran right with Greg Jones leading. The Jaguars earned 38 yards this way. Greg was a beast in blocking blowing open space for Maurice. He carried once for no yards, if I remember right. I would like to see Greg more involved in the offense than blocking so we give credit for his help in blocking but want more. Greg Jones earns a C+

Maurice Jones Drew: Maurice carried 23 imes for 98 yards and a 4.3 yards per carry average. The more impressive was yards after contact of 62. This gives him a 2.7 yards after contact average. That is first down insurance. I did wonder if Maurice hit the right hole sometimes. He plowed into the pile when it looked like a hole was open to the left. He is better than I am at running but it was curious. All in all, a very solid game by Maurice.  Maurice earns a B+

Running backs earn a B

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