Jaguars vs. Broncos Game Pics - Interesting things

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I would need two pictures to show this flag

Click on this picture, or any of the pictures, to get the full effect. This flag covered the entire field and really called out the patriotic spirit. I felt quilty shooting the picture.             


Marcedes went high and used his height advantage.

 Marcedes has really advanced as a receiver since coming into the league. He was coached to keep his eye on the ball. He is coachable!             

This pass was from the goal line - 20 yards in the air


Mike had it in his hands and didn't hold on

 David was more accurate than the statistics showed. Mike Sims-Walker dropped this 20 yard pass right in his hands. There was at least one other pass that should have been caught. David was relaxed in the pocket.           


Mike Thomas was game ready


Craddled that ball like it was his baby child

 These long passes were against a very good Denver secondary. Where was the pass rush? Denver plays a very disruptive defense but brought none of it. Was the offensive line that good? Were they afraid of Maurice? I don’t know but they did not bother David at all.         


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