The Problem with Brock Bolen

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Over and over I watched this drill and Brock Bolen could not contain his man. Greg Jones ran his man into the stands. Marcedes Lewis ran his guy into the ground. We all know what Maurice Jones Drew can do with a blocking assignment. Brock Bolen is a liability as a blocker. 

Now flash forward to the Denver game. A 3-4 defense with the fullback as a blocking back. Do you feel good with Greg Jones back there? Yes you do. Would the Jaguars play Brock Bolen against a 3-4 defense? They might try it once or twice, but the play better develop quickly because Brock Bolen won’t provide much time. 

This makes you appreciate what Marcedes Lewis and Maurice Jones Drew do for the team. Not only are they offensive weapons, they are enablers for others as well. I wish Brock could block. 

I don’t know what the Jaguars will do. My guess is there is too much talent to let go and maybe they could teach him to block. They might try it. If he sticks and Greg Jones goes, understand what we gave up. 

– Terry O’Brien

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