The Problem with Brock Bolen

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Here is the problem the Jaguars face in Brock Bolen. His touchdown run against Atlanta showed he could be an offensive weapon. I love Greg Jones, but Greg is not a running threat any longer. That seems to have vanished with the knee and ACL injury. But Brock has a serious flaw. First, let’s look at why Brock Bolen makes the Jaguar coaching staff drool at the thought of his running. Here is what they see on film. 

Brock made a great cut back move to get open. Now if Smiley blocks!

 The play looked like a sweep to the right, but Brock had cut back sharply against the grain to break into the open. This is a play only he could run, Greg Jones can’t do that any more. Watch the rest of this sequence.

Smiley missed the block. Brock is on the five.

 Brock was hit at around the five yard line. If you have ever seen him up close, you know how strong he is. He is not an easy guy to bring down. 

Still going

Five yards after first contact.

 With Brock Bolen, Maurice Jones Drew, and Marcedes Lewis on the field at the same time along with Mike Sims-Walker and Mike Thomas, it will be hard to cover the offense. 

But here is the problem. Brock Bolen can’t block. Here he is in training camp in blocking drills. 

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