Jacksonville Jaguars - Are things looking up or not?

Glass half full? Jaguars have improved ? Glass half empty? Jaguars looking bad? How do you feel?

Things are looking up! 

  • David Garrard has been very effective in passing completions. He is finding the open guy and tearing defenses apart.
  • The receivers are clicking better than we imagined. This is a good bunch of guys!
  • Maurice Jones Drew hasn’t even taken the field yet and the offense looks sharp.
  • Special teams, WOW, we can kick field goals, nail punts and threaten to run back everything!
  • The offensive line is beginning to hold on and David is getting more time.
  • The defensive line is stopping the run and harassing the quarterback!
  • The linebackers are making plays!
  • The secondary, it needs work, but we can over come it!

Things are looking bad!

  • David can’t get us in the end zone. Get him out and put Luke McCown in!
  • Maurice had surgery. He won’t be ready to start the season.
  • We still don’t know who the third receiver is and the choices aren’t super great.
  • All of our guards contending for jobs shouldn’t have a job. All of them let people into the backfield.
  • The defensive line still doesn’t generate any sacks.
  •  Even second string quarterbacks look good when playing the Jaguars.
  • Our defense will be shredded by passes this year. No one is back there to stop them.

 Which team do you see? I see the one looking up.  This will be a tough season and could go either way, but right now, I see it all positive.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    MJD most like NOT HAD surgery Terry. (As far as FTU people telling us)

    I like the first 6 points from “Things are looking up!”. I starting to have (so far just deptth) issues at LB; and I have red flags at secondary. If there is a weakness of this team; that’s the point. The buiggest upside is the offense and ST is ready to go. The biggest negative about the Jags; that the defense is struggkling; and the secondary looks just HORRIBLE…

  • evilboy128

    I’m with the “things looking up” point of view all the way around. Also agree with the 10-6 estimation on another post you made…Very glad Jaguar fans have some where to go to get (at the very least) even reporting. Tons of negative reports on the news stands and on the web about both the Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville. Great to have at least one site that an optimistic Jaguar fan can turn to.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      10-6 with this secondary is a small miracle. If something not happening back there (Or the pass rush not produces 3-5 sacks/ game) I think every QB will have a 200+ yards game. Even Vince Young could torch the secondary right now….

      I think this offense is much stronger; then many expects in the league. Tampa has a good defense at least -(Other then Mike Williams and maybe Freeman) this all the have.
      Yet the Jaguars produced 400 total yards WITHOUT MJD and 90% Marcedes (AKA the 2 best players on offense- besides maybe Monroe). This combined with the ST will punish many teams. The Jags can put a decent ( around.500) record.
      But if the defensive backfiled not will improve immediately even that around 8.-8 projection is in trouble….

  • Gerald

    Things are looking up, but I’m not expecting playoffs this year. If it happens it’ll be a heckuva story. Look for this team to begin to turn heads next year or the year after that.(Depending on QB play of Garrard or player to be named rookie.)

    As far as the red zone goes, yes David did make a bad decision/throw, but is that the play we want to run? The Bucs clearly couldn’t stop the run the whole drive, why not try your luck on 3rd and 4th with some of the best goal line options in the game with runs.

    Then again Dirk Koetter knows 1000x more about his offense and football in general, but I happen to think that situation is less complicated then some teams make it look.

    I subscribe to take what the defense gives you and power football, the defense was giving us the run the whole drive.

  • keithg

    I see the team looking up. I don’t think we are yet a play-off calibre team, but we are better than last year in a lot of areas.

    I was quite literally shocked to see some of the doom and gloom articles that appeared on various sites after the Tampa Bay game. I came away from the game feeling positive… then started 2nd and 3rd guessing everything after reading what other people thought. But, I’ve finally decided we did actually make progress, and look more good than bad. Penalties and the odd mistake here and there kept the core closer than it should have been.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Yep. A lot of good happened in Tampa Bay.