Zoltan Game Report: What we learned against Tampa Bay

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Overall; I think we got less answers from this game then expected. I think the offense will be ready for opening day- if they can be consistent; like they were today outside the red zone.  For the defense I have serious concerns; especially because of the defensive backfiled. If they cannot stop Tampa and the backup QB of the Buccaneers; what will they do against Denver; San Diego; Philadelphia and Indianapolis?… 

I think the starters will be announced after Atlanta; and think we will know soon about who won the battle of the guard spot. I still can’t see clearly what this team is really capable of and still I can’t see the solutions at the 2 areas (safety/secondary; guard). Maybe Jack Del Rio and Gene Smith already know the answers. I; quite honestly am still searching for them…

Zoltan Paksa

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