Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tampa Bay - Game Impressions

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The Offensive Line.  Vince Manuwai opened at right guard with Justin Smiley at left guard. Eben Briton played at right tackle with Uche at center.  David was under pressure and getting hit and I thought it came from Smiley’s side. I couldn’t be sure. Also Eben is still not stopping people from getting in. Finally Tony Boselli pointed out his technique issue, but maybe I am the only one who sees him failing too often.

I liked Vince Manuwai and Kynan Forney as the guards. I am not sure Justin Smiley was as effective as those two.  I would say the decision about the guards will be made if Uche has a real shot at center. If Uche is a guard, and I like him more on the left than right, then I would keep Manuwai and Forney. 

The Receivers.  Jarret Dillard is not a stretch the field threat and I think the Jaguars are looking at Tiquan Underwood vs. Troy Williamson. In that case, Troy Williamson has the larger salary and more dropped balls. He is a deep threat at best and the slant pattern has not worked for him. I don’t think he sees the ball coming in up close. His sideline leaping catch was spectacular, but I think Tiquan is winning this battle.  I wanted to see Kaseem Osgood.

Cornerback.  Tyron Brackenridge might be a better option than Derek Cox right now.  I thought Rashean Mathis played well. Derek Cox is struggling for some reason. If Reggie gets benched, shouldn’t Derek be considered for the same treatment? Maybe.

Linebackers.  I thought Rod Wilson #43 played a very good game. In fact, the entire backup linebacking corps, Russell Allen, Tony Gilbert and Rod Wilson all earned spots in my mind.

Special Teams return team.  Somebody pull Scotty McGee aside and slap him for that stupid running catch. You plant your feet and catch the ball. You call a fair catch if people are on you. Other than that, Scotty did well. Did anyone notice the key block thrown by Kaseem Osgood?

Safety.  Anthony Smith and whoever. I don’t care anymore. Reggie blew the coverage and is out of position. Gerald Alexander isn’t any better. You can’t fix the entire team in one season.

Conclusion.  I am not worried about getting to 8-8 this year.  Luck will get us to 10-6. The playoffs will be there soon as soon as the pass can be shut down.  The quarterback has too many open options to let the defensive line get to him. If there can be slightly better coverage, the defense will be tight.  The offense is fine.

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  • Slvrgun

    Are you serious about Garrard? The entire game he was overthrowing wide open guys, throwing into double and triple coverage, locking on to targets, and settling for checkdowns on his first read. His 24/31 200 something yards were all the result of easy checkdowns, that he couldn’t even capitalize on despite facing one of the worst defenses in the league. There was nothing WOW about his performance.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Very serious. David is more comfortable in the pocket than I have ever seen. He hit the right guy and found open guys a lot. I have no problem with the offense this year.

    • pksiv

      David was like 15-17 at one point and somehow he managed to overthrow wide-open guys ?

      • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

        Yep. I couldn’t find any open receives he missed other than two TD passes. We already know that.

      • keithg

        I was also wondering about that. Weird how people can watch the exact same thing, and yet see completely different things.

        • keithg

          OK, I must be hitting the wrong “reply” button. My above comment was in reply to (and agreement with) pksiv’s comment. 15/17 does NOT correlate with “The entire game he was overthrowing wide open guys”, in my opinion.

          • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

            You didn’t hit the wrong button, it just only goes in that far.

  • evilboy128

    Agree with EVERY WOW!!! Especially the Garrard wows…He looks REAL good this year and can’t wait to see this team this season…agree with 10-6 belief. Ignore the Garrard haters leaking in from Big Cat Country…I am with ya brother!!!

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Thank you