Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami - Defensive Line play

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I have to say I was surprised that I thought the offensive line play was more encouraging than the defensive line play.  Having said that, I liked the intensity of the line. Last season, Chad Henne had all day to throw. On Saturday, he had to get the ball out more quickly. He has matured a lot and looks like a starting quarterback, but he was nervous to get the play off. 

If we could generate a coverage sack, that would be good. The coverage has to hold up longer for the defensive line to be effective. It is a classic cycle, more pressure makes the secondary look good, better coverage makes the defensive line look good.

So let’s take a look at it starting with Tyson Alualu’s supposed “first sack”. When the stadium announcer called out Alualu’s name as the guy who got Henne, we cheered. Upon closer look….

This is Aaron Kampman breaking in and getting Henne

Chad Henne didn’t want to let the ball go and Aaron Kampman finally broke through and caught him. As Henne was going down, Alualu was present.

Tyson got credit

What I saw from Tyson Alualu, quite honestly, was a rookie in his first game. He is testing his moves and maybe working through the injury to get a feel. Here is what I saw repeatedly from him.

Alualu has a good strong base.

Tyson clearly has a strong lower body. He also has a good bit of agility.

Tyson tries his spin move

He needs to refine some of that in the NFL

 I am not trying to say anything here except Tyson will have to gain more experience to turn his talent and potential into production.

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