Meet Ryan Messick from Inside the Iggles

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Ryan runs the very successful FanBased site Inside the Iggles dedicated to the Philadelphia Eagles. I sat for an audio interview with him and he answered some questions concerning what the Eagle fans are watching for on Friday.

I think it is fun to watch a game not only from the Jaguar perspective but also an Eagle perspective. Like us, they hope for their draft choices to make it and are interested in people in camp that have been impressive. So let’s go inside the Eagles and see what is going on.

Before we do, here are your official game notes. philadelphia(1)- august 2010 You will want to note the probable starters listed for the Jaguars.

Ryan, what is the number one thing the Eagle fans are watching for on Friday?

Kevin Kolb – Obviously, the talk of the offseason was the transition from McNabb to Kolb. He’s been inconsistent in camp, some days demonstrating why the Birds made the move by showing off his accuracy, other days struggling. He’ll only play a series or two in all likelihood, so it’s unfair to judge him on minimal time in one preseason game. That said, for a week, that’s what he’ll be judged on

Wow! Sound familiar? Zoltan said he was watching David Garrard because he was up and down.

Ryan, who is your first round pick battling for a job and how does he look?

That would be Brandon Graham vs. Juqua Parker – Andy Reid says he’s going to have eight defensive lineman and he doesn’t care too much how they’re listed on the depth chart. The fans and media disagree, as everyone wants to see what the first round pick has. Graham’s pass rushing has been impressive in camp, and his outgoing personality has made him a fan favorite already.

If Brandon Graham can be effective as a pass rusher in his rookie season, he will be special indeed. Brandon is #54, so watch how well he does against Eben Britton or Jordan Black. Our right side is weak, so Brandon may have an opening here.

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