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Good news Jaguars fans, we are only dayshours away from the first (pre season) game of 2010. I can’t be happier for that fact because now we will start to see what is true and what was false from our month long observations, expectations and predictions. I am also interested to see what was true and what was false from the training camp coverage from different sites; and sources. Who can we trust for accurate facts? Here is what I want to see:

Is David Garrard is a better QB than we saw in the last 2 seasons? So far,  I read mixed reviews about him, some sources say he showed inconsistent and shaky performances so far. (But then, it was reported by Vic Ketchman in the 2nd practice day in Atlanta, David has his best day in training camp.) Others say he is doing “okay” and that he has taken that step forward in leadership. This is what Wayne Weaver and Jack Del Rio demanded and David promised.

What is the truth about the status of the offensive line?  If Monroe and Britton can play on Friday night, we might see if they have improved or not. We will see if Brad Meester can still be the starting center of this team or not (I hope the first will be truth). We will see who will earn the 2 guard positions: Forney or Manuwai; and Nwaneri or Smiley. Personally I hope the Jaguars will keep all 5 of them (I count Brad Meester to this group); because I think they represent more chance of winning than the UDFA rookies like Kevin Haslem; or John Estes.

And the Eagles game will be the first barometer about the defensive line and work of Joe Cullen. The group is ravaged with injuries: D‘Anthony Smith is most likely going to IR; Tyson Alualu and Austen Lane both battling injuries. But Knighton’s weight problem looks better and better day by day. And Aaron Kampman is healing faster then expected. And there is Derrick Harvey. He was the star so far on the defensive side in camp… until yesterday! Vic Ketchman said this in his “inside training camp” video: One big disappointment was for me Derrick Harvey” Which is something really new; we have not heard anything like this from Derrick this year. But Charlie Bernstein from reported this from the same practice: “Rookie defensive end Larry Hart, third-year pro Derrick Harvey and veteran Aaron Kampman each proved to be too much for the Falcons offensive tackles during individual drills as their speed and explosion allowed them to get the edge rather easily.”

So it seems he was good and bad at the same time? Don’t misunderstand me- this is not taking shots to any of the 2 reporters (for example; my respect for Vic Ketchman’s work is well known). I just want to know the truth. And that’s all.

And that’s why I can’t be happier about the Eagles game- it will be a great test, to we see the picture more clearly. I even offer our readers 3 points they should look more closely at this game:

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