More Jaguar Training Camp Reports

Here are more picture slideshows from the Jaguars training camp.

The first one is a receiver I really like and hope he makes the team. His name is Jason Harmon and he is a free agent out of Florida Atlantic. He is a real long shot to make it but I am rooting for him. Watch the video and see what you think.  More after the jump!

One of the things I look for in the offensive line is teaming. When the line gels as a unit, they have a communication going between them. Watch as Eugene Monroe and Uche Nwaneri play ping pong with Aaron Kampman.

Finally, the poor man’s Tim Tebow. Here is Zack Miller under center in the wild cat offense. I know Jack loves the Wild Cat. He speaks of it a lot and here he is playing with it. I bet we see this in a real game.

Well, there is more, much more but that is all for tonight. I really like the way this season is shaping up. One more thing, my thoughts on Bill Polian saying the Jaguars are improving. Wow, big deal. We already knew that. If you have been following BlackandTeal for awhile, it is no surprise. Thanks for the kind words Bill, but we are already there.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • rws591

    I think Harmon is gone to make room for the Murray State WR.

    Also, why are so many people considered the “Poor Man’s Tebow.” People were saying that about Alualu with his character and connection to the church. And so many other players for the Jags or other teams. I understand your comparison is more close to a player actually playing the game similar to Tebow, but can’t the guy just be who he is? Zach Miller.

    I guess I just have Tebow fatigue, I cannot wait to stop hearing about him, if that day will ever come.

    • tkopa

      Zack Miller referred to himself as the “poor man’s Tim Tebow”. That is why the reference and only that.

      Thanks for the comments!

  • Collin

    WOW! great shots, I hope they’re driving traffic over here. I check multi times a day just hoping for some more. I’m sure others do as well.

    Thanks so much for stayin up to post these tonight Tear-Bear… Nothing like going to sleep with Jags on the brain!

    This site is turning into quite the little haven over here. You guys have done some excellent work, and I like Luke’s stuff as well. You’ve assembled a nice squad over here Mon Frere. Detailed stories are nice, but pictures tell 1000 words, and your photos def do the job…

    One thing I noticed about Hammon from that pic series is this (maybe it’s not a regular thing he does, and maybe you can inform me), but it looks like he jumps up and allows the ball to reach his body, catching it with his body instead of his hands is a BIG no-no in terms of being a WR… It drives the coaches bananas! Is that something he does often, or was it just a fluke play? He seems to run a little stiff to me, but you can’t judge fluidity with from still photos…

    Maybe a short piece on your impression of the “long-shot” receivers would be a cool idea. You’re the offical TC guru. I hope the site continues to grow… I love the positivity over here!


    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Oh thanks for teh veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice words Collin. Great to se you here more and more often.

  • Collin

    well, so much for that… Jason Harmon was just waived by the Jaguars Thursday… maybe he caught one to many balls with his body… ha!

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Yeah I don’t get that Murray State WR. He was not a big deal. Townsel is not looking so special to me. I know his ex HC is a Jags coach (And everyone knows how much I loved Austen to come here); but- I don’t get this move

  • Patrick

    What I liked on the last Video, while yes it was Miller in the Wildcat, did you notice Meester and Potroast just battling like crazy on the line. Looks much improved from last year.

    • Patrick

      That is Meester right? Or am I just dumb?

      • tkopa

        Meester is #63. I believe that is Cecil Newton #64. Number 66 is Kynan Forney.

        I think it is Pot Roast he is battling and doing a good job. Number 94, busting through is Jeremy Mincey, who has a resurrected future with the Jaguars. I think they cut him last year due to injury.

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