The View from Hungary - Zoltan gives his State of the Jaguar Nation

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CONCERN: Contract issues:

Yeah; this is not the worst thing right now, and I know the Jaguars just finished a very hard contract negotiation with Tyson Alualu’s agent (which was a great deal financially; especially if when we  see the crazy salaries some rookies got). But they should start to negotiate other deals. There will be a couple of key players whose contract will expire after this season. I think the front office must start to re-sign the biggest contributors. I am speaking primarily about Marcedes. He must get his new contract sooner than later. Same goes to Mike Sims Walker. If he is putting up Nr. one receiver kind of stats- extend him. And I could add 1-2 name to that list. And of course there is the Rashean Mathis situation. I agree giving him a contract right now is not the best idea. But! If he produces in the first couple of games; and he stays healthy; he must get his new contract before this years end. I want what he wants and that is to have him end career here. Why? Look at the Jaguars greats of the past decade:: Fred? He is playing in New England. Stroud?  The Jags will face him again this year against Buffalo. Big John Henderson? He is with the Raiders now. See what I mean? Nobody from that great defense from 2004-07 is playing here except Rashean. If he can still play; the Jaguars must treat him fairly!

CONCERN: Eben Britton:

As you know I consider(ed) Eben as a good selection. But lately despite the fantastic weight numbers Luke Richesson shared with Vic Ketchman before camp started; he is beaten by DEs around the same number a drummer hit his instrument at a concert(even Jeff Lageman mentioned how Derrick Harvey dominated him on Monday in this weeks edition of “Jaguars This Week”). This is not good. Maybe he is injured (And I hope for the Jaguars season that’s the case; he has, by the way, sat out practices in the last 24 hours). Maybe our DEs are so good, that we will see 40+ sacks this year from them. But maybe it just proves what Terry has been saying for a long time; he is not as good of a football player as we and Gene expected. I don’t want to rush to any judgment now; but I challenge Eben right now. Mr. Britton please shows us that Terry was wrong all the time. Show us, what you said on draft day is true- that you will punish every team, who did not select you in the 1st round. Eugene is looking like an 8th pick. But you lately do not look like it was worth taking you in the 1st round yet…

CONCERN: Don Carey:

Well Gene so far it was a mistake. I mean stealing this kid from the Browns. People saw him at OTAs and how he struggled with the coverage. But we could think of an excuse- he is coming back from an injury. But so far he continues where he left off in the spring which is bad news. And I have found this in Paul Kuharsky’s (great) Camp Confidential:

The Jaguars really like second-year corner Don Carey, and it would seem he’d make sense to be the nickel. But Del Rio left the door open that Carey could even earn a starting spot. Left unsaid is whether Del Rio thinks that would impact veteran Mathis or second-year man Cox, whom they loved as a rookie. Or perhaps he’s just looking to light fires.

Whaaaat? I hope this is just a joke. Scotty McGee might be a better coverage guy; then Don. I saw the pictures of his coverage skills. I hope Jack Del Rio and co are just joking or want to disguise their real plans. Right now; I would not use Carey even for starting at nickel corner…

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  • Collin

    Zoltan, great work buddy! I think you’re right on about Lewis, he’s one of the best “true” TE’s in the league. As for McCown, I think you may be a bit presumptuous. He’s got the tools. Heck, the coaching staff in Tampa was torn as to who to stick with, him or Byron a few years ago. He’s a very solid back-up QB as many will see from preseason.

    I worry about Briton a bit too. He’s caught some flak for poor play lately and I am not sure he’s made the same big leap as Eugene Monroe has from rookie year to this year.

    Really enjoyable read!

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Thanks Collin- I really appreciate the kind words from you.

      What I write about McCown is based on the recaps I get from training camp. He is representing no pressure at all to David- which he was brought in via trade. I wish it will be the case; but it isn’t so far.

  • keithg

    Nice article Zoltan. Knighton will probably be OK. He might have arrived at OTAs and Camp with a weight issue, but he is a dedicated player with a high work ethic. I believe he will shed weight continuosly over the coming weeks. He and Alualu were doing extra wind sprints during yesterday’s morning Special Teams practise session. He knows the issue, and is working on it.

    I would also add an extra concern: the passing game does not (so far) appear to be any different than the last 2 years: short passes and dump-offs to the RB for the most part. I was kind of hoping (and still am) to see the team use a slightly more expansive approach, with more emphasis on the 15-30 yard passes. If our running game is going to be effective, we need to keep that secondary honest…. or punish them for putting 8 in the box.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      I think if the interior O-line will be fine; the running game will be fine too.

      Passing game- look for the TEs- Zach Miller (and of course Marcedes) must stay healthy. Vic also mentioned if some things not improving at the WRs; jags might bring a veteran WR when the final cuts will be announced leaguewide

      Thanks for the nice words by the Keith!