Oklahoma Drill - I wussed out

I went to the stadium early. The crowd was huge. The D-Line was playing. The rain started, we sat. The rain got harder, we ran for cover. We waited, huddled against the stands. Lightning came. They told us to get out and wait in our cars. The rain kept coming and I finally left. Half the crowd stayed. If they held practice, I don’t know. Sorry folks, I wussed out on you.
- Terry

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  • JagHack

    I wussed out too Terry. Although the rain did afford me a unique opportunity. I was sitting there cursing myself for leaving the umbrella in the car, when a very nice lady and her son offered to share her umbrella with me. As it turns out, it was Eben Britton’s mom and brother! They were very nice and cordial to let me share their umbrella for about 20 minutes until the lightning came and we decided to leave. Can’t say enough about how nice they were!

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      If I knew where you were, I would have shot a picture and posted it!

      • JagHack

        No worries. I would have gotten a pic myself but it was raining so hard I was afraid to take out my camera.

  • keithg

    Bad Terry, bad :)

    Seems like all the “usual suspects” who do write ups decided the practise would be cancelled. Pity, I was looking forward to a fans perspective of the first full-pads practise.