Number 8 - Rolando McClain signs

The Oakland Raiders have announced the signing of Rolando McClain in time for him to start training camp. This could be good or bad, I am not sure yet. If Al Davis paid an over the top amount, then it will hold up negotiations. If he paid a reasonable amount, then there is no reason not to get the remaining deals done.

This is the first top ten to sign. I know Buffalo wants CJ Spiller in camp and the 49ers made a strong offer to Anthony Davis, the offensive tackle they selected at number 11.

As Collin wroze in a comment last night, “when did it become more common to holdout than show up”?  I don’t know but there is no reason for it.

I will say this, my respect for Tyson Alualu is tanking. If Oakland can get a deal done, so can the Jaguars. Monday at training camp, Jack will run the Oklahoma drill. If Tyson isn’t there for that, then to me he isn’t worth it. 

Watch for signings today around the league. There is enough data out there to get the deals done. 

- Terry O’Brien

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  • Joey Marchy


    Listening to the Jack Del Rio show he said the oklahoma drill is taking place on Sunday. Do you have other information? It was at the 22:50 mark of the show:

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      I heard the same too.

      By the way bad news for the Jaguars. The reason why McClain was signed is simple: Okakland gave him $23 million guaranteed, which is 23% more then we gave to Monroe….

      I must say Jags must pay 1-2 million $ more in guarnteed money then they planed after this deal….

      • Joey Marchy

        I feel like after the past two years, our front office should be prepared to pay whatever the market rate is. McClain’s deal gives us a framework to get it done now. This is the NFL. It’s all about the money. Figure out what Alualu should get paid based on draft position and McClain’s deal, then get it done!

        • zoltanfrombudapest

          I hope the Jags will think too.

          By the way Vito Stelino reported the Jaguars will lay down there offer to Tyson and his agent Ken Zuckerman

  • evilboy128

    Terry, if your opinion of Alualu is based on has what happened so far…then thats just sad. Especially since Vito Stellino said the Jaguars have JUST made their first offer to Alualu and his agent. Just because the Raiders threw an offer up and they grabbed it is no reason for Tyson to rush his deal…after all as you yourself have said..none of the others have signed and very few of the others in the first round have signed either.

    • tkopa


      We can’t accept this holdout behavoir as part of the natural process. I need someone to step up and say I will be different.

      I am sure the Jaguars would have put something on the table if the agent called and discussed it, if he worked it hard. This game has has got to stop, it is hurting football. Surely you see that and agree, don’t you?

      The only sad part I see if what is happening now.

  • Collin

    Alualu can choose to sign like Dez Bryant did. It’s not that a player who wants to get a deal done is going to get reamed at the negotiation table.

    Alualu is apparently letting his agent drive the train though. From the wording it is clear the Jaguar’s have made the first contact, which tells me that Alualu hasn’t told his agent to reach out. I don’t blame the kid, but I don’t think it’s fair to completely exonerate him either.

    My opinion of Dez Bryant is now one of amazement. I could care less if he’s an off the field nuisance if he even turns out to be. It’s clear the guy LOVES football, and wants to get out and show what he’s got. He made the choice to rush his signing, and in my eyes that says a lot.

  • that’sdumb

    Players have agents for a reason. If they didn’t need them, every single draftee wouldn’t have one. If you do need an agent, why not use him? If you do need to use him, then let him do his job. His job, by the way, is to negotiate the best terms for his client possible–not make sure he’s at camp day one. It’s a business, deal with it.

    • tkopa

      Not every player gets an agent. Very successful players negotiated alone and did quite well.

      Besides that, you hire an agent to work “for you”. They work more for their interest than you might believe if not managed.