Drafting a winner or not?

In 2010, we will have 5 number one draft choices in the starting line-up. Marcedes, Derrick, Reggie, Eugene, and Tyson.

I have my opinions on them, but I want yours. When these guys suit up on openning day and every Sunday after, which one of the five do you think isn’t ready for Prime Time. Which one gives you the most heartburn? Who do you have misgivings about?

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Which Number One draft choice do you have the most misgivings about?

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  • Slawsc

    Easy answer Mr. Nelson. His arrow is pointing down. All the others their arrow is pointing up!

  • http://bigcatcountry.com Collin Streetman

    Reggie is clearly the one I think everyone is worried about. He’s regressed each season since entering into the NFL and I think he may lack the necessary work-ethic to succeed. He seems like he’s all smiles, but I have heard quite a few comments from the coaches that Reggie is “putting in more time”, or, “Doing the things required to succeed.” Comments like these which I have heard from Del Rio recently tell me that maybe the work-ethic wasn’t there. Although I am not convinced that suddenly now he’s going to get it.

  • http://bigcatcountry.com Collin Streetman

    As far as the others go, I’m looking for big years out of Harvey and Lewis. This is a potential contract year for Marcedes and I expect him to play like it. He’s improved each year since his second season and is clearly the top 1st round draft choice of the Shack Harris era.

    Lewis may be one of the top “true” TE’s in the NFL. Lewis blocks like a OT but catches like a WR. He’s got burst and strength. He’s a redzone target and he can block on the goal-line. He pulls effectively, and he’s a class act off the field. Have you ever heard a negative thing about Lewis? I haven’t…

    Harvey’s entering into his 3rd season, and the intense coaching style of Cullen seems to be having an impact. Maybe all we needed was to get rid of Ted Monachino and get a real coach in there.

    Harvey’s slimmed down and I still expect him to be able to hold up in the running game. He’s got long arms to disengage blockers, and is a solid tackler. He wasn’t often overpowered, but he was tricked on a few fakes I can recall. He’s got a Jaguar mentality on defense.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Totally agre with these points Collin.

      And by the way; nice to see you being active again!

  • zoltanfrombudapest

    Nelson is my choice too. Why? At least I saw improvment inHarvey and he had a really bad D-line coach so far.

    In Reggie’s case; his perfomance is changed every year for the worse.

  • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

    I think Reggie will surprise.

    • Patrick

      I’ve heard that as well. Everyone knows he has the talent. Now it seems he has finally been putting the effort in film and weight rooms. I did vote for him but that is cause I want him to prove me wrong. (Not ashamed) I have a Nelson jersey and personally, I will like to be able to wear it to the games.