First Round signings are happenning!

Dez Bryant, who had a lot of questions thrown his way during the draft, emerged as a true rookie football hero this week. The 24th overall pick signed a 5 year $11.8 million deal that includes $8.5 million guaranteed money. He was quoted by Todd Archer and Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News as saying…

This was my call,I just want to play football I told him to make it happen. I wasn’t even all caught up with the money because this is just my first contract. I’m so happy to be here. Dallas is the team I wanted to play for, and having the chance to play for the Cowboys makes me want to work even harder

Next will probably be the 25th selection, Denver Quarterback Tim Tebow. Tim packed a suitacase and headed to Denver to start work and had to be told he couldn’t do that until he had a contract. Only OTA’s on OTA days.  Tim will sign quickly. Denver will probably land receiver Demaryius Thomas quickly as well. He was chosen at the 22nd position.

The top ten are always tough to sign, but Dez said what they others should say as well, it is my call. Too often the players hide behind the agents as the excuse for not signing. This is disingenuous (lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or insincere).  The player owns the call when they want to sign once an offer is on the table from the team. 

I can’t believe the Jaguars, if asked, wouldn’t produce an $18 million guaranteed money offer for Tyson Alualu. This deal could be done in time for camp.

I have no patience for holdouts, none. As fans, we shouldn’t either. Tyson, show up for work on time! There is no excuse for not doing so.

To those that want to write and tell me I don’t understand the process, I do understand it. There is no excuse for it and the player can make the call. Tyson Alualu can be here at the start of camp. Dez Bryant did, so can all of the others.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    I agree with you; Tyson must practice as much as he can with the guys. He is a very crucial point of the D-line. Plus we need to see how he can perform with the pads on.

    But! Let’s not forget Jerry Jones and Dallas can pay much as they can. The Jaguars however a franchise with very limited cash. I think the negotiations will be very tough. And to be honest with you I just don’tsee Tyson with a contract on Day 1 at TC. I hope I’m wrong here though….

    • tkopa

      You are not wrong, it will be a surprise to see him day one. Dez Bryant actually took about what was predicted. Dallas didn’t over pay him to sign. It was the right contact done very well and very quick.

      • zoltanfrombudapest

        Yeah; at least the contarct talks started between Tyson’s agent and the Jags. Let’s hope Jags and the agent can make a deal before 29th of July

  • Patrick

    I would take as much money as I could. But if I was Tyson, I would know and have heard all the “reach” talk about him. So personally would take the first contract they offer. Cause you’re right, it’s not like the will say 2.4 million. He will get paid and he needs to be there. IF his agent was worth a dam, he would also be saying this. He’s going to get more than he should as well. Only a matter of weeks now. FOOTBALL