The Jags first opponent – Playing Offense against the Denver Broncos

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The 3-4 defensive alignment with aggressive rushing is a high risk high reward style of football. With a strong 3 man front, Denver has the linebackers and the secondary to play this alignment.

However, if the OLB rushes and doesn’t get to the quarterback, the right side is vulnerable. The same with the left side. As you can see from the rushing statistics, big 15+ yard runs can be ripped off.  Denver does not know how to stay at home and defend, they attack. If a team figures them out, like San Diego did, Denver was vulnerable.

Denver believes the front three let them down last year, so they went shopping in free agency.  The entire Defensive line of the Broncos will feature new faces. For example; well respected veteran NT Jamal Williams who came via free agency from the Chargers. He is considered a good player but sat out in the last year with a triceps injury. Then there is Justin Bannan who was signed also in free agency. The former Bill and Raven has lot of experience but because of Sam Adams; and Haloti Ngata he didn’t see much action so he is relatively fresh than his age might suggest. And there is Jarvis Green coming from the Patriots. These 3 guys might all start this year against the Jaguars. They never played together before. That presents a challenge for Denver.

The linebacking corps is strong led by Elvis Dumervile. Denver wants to get last year’s first round draft choice Robert Ayers in the game. DJ Williams played well and had 3.5 sacks from the inside. The other position is open but possibly moving Jarvis Moss to the outside is an option.

So let’s look at how the Jaguars might play offense against the Denver Broncos.

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  • JagHack

    Wow, great article and analysis!

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      (In behalf of Terry too- he did this looks like the most professional blackandteal article ever in my opinion!) Thanks very; very much.

      • JagHack

        I loved it and look forward to the next one – our defense vs their offense. Keep the good content coming!

        • zoltanfrombudapest

          It will come!

          • Nick

            love it, great job guys!

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  • Price Per Head

    Awesome article, you have a talent for writing. Broncos are a tough team, but we can beat them.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Thank you very much for this good words about us.

      We hope the Jags can win opening day (I go even further in an uppcoming article…)

  • Boyer

    First of all – Great article. I commend your research – this is an article that far exceeds the quality of most all MSM football outlets.
    I’m a diehard Bronco fan and you painted our defense quite well. There are only two glaring points that you missed: 1) Denver’s D will play A LOT of nickel, so Lewis will rarely ever be open – he will be mirrored by one of the following nickel CBs: Nate Jones, Alphonso Smith, Perrish Cox or Syd’Quan Thompson – all extremely solid coverage guys; 2) The Broncos 7-man front will be one of the top 5 beefiest groups in the league, with plenty of depth and a strategy of rotating in fresh, starting-caliber backups all game long. As such, the run will be very difficult to establish, and the only true vulnerability might be screen plays that rely on overpursuit and use Denver’s aggressiveness against them.
    Should be a really interesting game. The Jags have a lot of offensive talent, but there is no way the Jags hang 24 on Denver this year – the real key will be whether or not the Jags are able to stop Denver’s offense and/or force Orton to turnover the ball (which happens very infrequently).
    Thanks for the read. Well done.

    • tkopa


      Thanks for coming by and commenting. THis is exactly what we wanted, informed opinions.

      You bring up even more points we have to consider. Thank you!

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