The Jags first opponent - Playing Offense against the Denver Broncos

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When Denver is playing their best defense, they are in your backfield a lot. They play a 3-4 defense and use the linebackers to disrupt the play before it starts. Denver had 21 sacks in the first 6 games of 2009 with 9 of those sacks in the second half when they were holding on to win. They also had a number of run plays stuffed for negative yards as well.  All of the linebackers played very well. Denver is an aggressive, gambling, in your face, defense. 

The secondary is comprised of

  • LCB Champ Baily
  • RCB Andre Goodman
  • S Renaldo Hill
  • S Brian Dawkins

How good are they? When you look at passes defended, Andre Goodman was 11th with 22 PD and 5 interceptions. Champ Baily was 22nd with 18 passes defended and 3 interceptions. The best Jaguar? Derek Cox at 35th with 15 passes defended. Brian Dawkins had 95 solo tackles and 13 passes defended.

They are a good strong group in the defensive secondary, but are all over 31 years old. They play smarter than they do fast these days, but they are a group you have to respect. When playing well they keep the play in front of them and minimize yards after catch. They are ball hawks and never let a receiver get too open.

When Denver is playing well, the pressure to throw is great and first downs through the air are hard to come by. 

If Denver played this way all of the time, they would be Super Bowl champions. But the 3-4 defensive alignment breaks down badly for them sometimes. Let’s look at the losses. 

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  • JagHack

    Wow, great article and analysis!

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      (In behalf of Terry too- he did this looks like the most professional blackandteal article ever in my opinion!) Thanks very; very much.

      • JagHack

        I loved it and look forward to the next one – our defense vs their offense. Keep the good content coming!

        • zoltanfrombudapest

          It will come!

          • Nick

            love it, great job guys!

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  • Price Per Head

    Awesome article, you have a talent for writing. Broncos are a tough team, but we can beat them.

    • zoltanfrombudapest

      Thank you very much for this good words about us.

      We hope the Jags can win opening day (I go even further in an uppcoming article…)

  • Boyer

    First of all – Great article. I commend your research – this is an article that far exceeds the quality of most all MSM football outlets.
    I’m a diehard Bronco fan and you painted our defense quite well. There are only two glaring points that you missed: 1) Denver’s D will play A LOT of nickel, so Lewis will rarely ever be open – he will be mirrored by one of the following nickel CBs: Nate Jones, Alphonso Smith, Perrish Cox or Syd’Quan Thompson – all extremely solid coverage guys; 2) The Broncos 7-man front will be one of the top 5 beefiest groups in the league, with plenty of depth and a strategy of rotating in fresh, starting-caliber backups all game long. As such, the run will be very difficult to establish, and the only true vulnerability might be screen plays that rely on overpursuit and use Denver’s aggressiveness against them.
    Should be a really interesting game. The Jags have a lot of offensive talent, but there is no way the Jags hang 24 on Denver this year – the real key will be whether or not the Jags are able to stop Denver’s offense and/or force Orton to turnover the ball (which happens very infrequently).
    Thanks for the read. Well done.

    • tkopa


      Thanks for coming by and commenting. THis is exactly what we wanted, informed opinions.

      You bring up even more points we have to consider. Thank you!

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