An "All AFC South" team - who is on it?

Let’s pretend the “all star” game wasn’t one game but a playoff between divisions and conferences. Let’s say the AFC South had to choose a team to play the best of the AFC North. The AFC East plays the AFC West and the winners playing for the AFC Championship.  Which Division would create the greatest team?

Why don’t we create an AFC South team and see what it looks like? Why not pick the best player among the four teams for each position on the field. How solid would that team be? Would it have any holes or weaknesses in it?  I don’t know, but we are going to find out.

Here is how we are going to create the team.  Anthony North, lead blogger for the Houston Texans site, Jake Thompson, lead blogger for the Tennessee site, Travis Pulver, lead blogger for the Colts site, and I will get together and decide on the “All AFC South” team.  We will release the results after a weekend of hashing it out.

What do you think it will show? Who do you think should be on it? Is it Manning or Schaub? Dwight Freeney or Mario Williams? This might be harder than we think.

Leave a comment and say what you think. Then tune in next week and see how it works out.

 Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest


    QB Manning; RB (tough one; but let’s be a Jags homer here) MJD; WRs: Andre Johnson; Reggie Wayne; MSW; TE Dallas Clark; O-line: David STewart; Jake Scott; Jeff Saturday, Leroy Harris; Eugen Monroe. FB: Greg Jones

    Defense: DE: Freeney and Mathis (for now…) DT: Jason Jones; and Knighton. LBs: DeMeco Ryans; Daryl Smith; Cushing; Secondary: Mathis- Finnagan at CB Pollard and Sanders at safety(If the All-star AFC South team have a weak point then secondary is the one you searching…)

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  • Luke

    QB- Peyton Manning. When it comes down to it, he’s the best leader in the league. No matter how good Schaub is statistically, he doesn’t provide the leadership Manning does.

    RB- Maurice Jones-Drew with a spell from Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson is a flashy running back. Sure he got 2,000 yards last year, but MJD has been shown to be consistent. Johnson would be a good change from MJD on some downs and MJD would benefit from the rest as well.

    FB- I don’t think you can go wrong with Greg Jones. So long as he stays healthy that is. I’ve been high on Jones for years, I just wish he was less injury prone.

    WR- Andre Johnson is the hottest receiver in the league right now, as such he deserves the top spot. Reggie Wayne is a leader and a threat, not to mention that he has chemistry with Manning (Who I have chosen as the QB). Anthony Gonzalez deserves the third spot. He has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with, defenses are forced to take him into concern when scheming, if he’s on the field. Mike Sims-Walker gets the forth spot almost entirely because of how he is built, not because of the production of the past season. Sure he has good hands, is rising rapidly, and has a head for the game, but he also has the body for a very threatening fourth receiver.

    TE- Dallas Clark is the best at his position for receiving. And he’s a decent blocker. Though if this team is going to run (Which I doubt with Peyton Manning at the helm), I would put in Mercedes Lewis. I find Lewis to be a superb run blocker, though the Jags insist upon trying to make him a better pass catching tight end for reasons that I disagree with.

    LT- Eugene Monroe is the best left tackle in the division. Or at least has the potential to be. I don’t think he is the best in the league, and I don’t think that the AFC South has superb left tackles, but I think Monroe does the job quite well. I also like Tennessee’s Mike Otto, even though he is a backup and hasn’t shown very good control through his two seasons with the Titans. I feel like he could turn into someone good with enough playing time.

    LG- Mike Pollak of the Colts has shown he can be consistent. I like his play, and let’s face it, he already knows Peyton and is in rhythm with him and stops him from getting hit.

    C- Jeff Saturday, hands down. He’s getting up there in years, but he has been the anchor of the Colts’ offense along with Peyton for years. Without him, I doubt the Colts ever would have had the ability up front to develop Peyton into the quarterback he is today.

    RG- Vince Manuwai is my gut on this one. I think he is excellent when on form, and when he has a good supporting cast around him (like the guys I’m choosing now). And he has shown that he is a great run blocking guard as well, paving the road for Fred Taylor and MJD.

    RT- David Stewart gets this. Sure, the Jags were the best team in the league when running right (or so I’ve heard), but this man has helped the Titans go from almost worthless when running to very very respectable.

    DE- Aaron Kampman and Robert Mathis. If Kampan returns to form following his recovery and if Mathis plays as he has all his life….well there isn’t much more to be said.

    DT- To be entirely honest, I’m not impressed with the Defensive Tackles of the AFC South, if I were them, I’d trade for some top notch talent. That said, I have been most impressed by the young Jaguars players, Knighton and Alualu. I think they may (not will, but may) develop into top Defensive tackles quickly.

    LB- I don’t care how these guys are organized, but they need to be on the field. Kirk Morrison (best trade the Jags have done in a long long time), Clint Session, David Thornton. Will Witherspoon deserves a mention and a possible spot, as does Gary Brackett.

    CB- Cortland Finnegan and Derek Cox. What, I left out Rashean Mathis? Yes, yes I did. 1) I don’t think he is a solid shutdown corner 2) I don’t think he’ll be in the AFC South any more by the end of the season 3) I think that if Michael Coe were given his spot and played all season, he would do better. The nickel corner has to be Jacob Lacey or Scott Starks.

    FS- Antoine Bethea is the best free safety in the South, when Reggie Nelson is still being everything but what he showed in 2007. Bethea gets it, unless Nelson suddenly becomes three years younger and better.

    SS- Bob Sanders is the best leader at the position, but I think Bernard Pollard will play better this season. Sure the leadership would be nice from Sanders, but I think Morrison at Linebacker is the heart of this defense that I have created. Pollard would excel in this alignment. Thus, he gets the spot.

    K- Adam Vinatieri. Any questions?

    P- Adam Podlesh. The man had the lowest net return yards of any punter in the league and had one of the best net yards punted overall. I like him.

    That’s all I’ve got for you. Sorry to the Texans who got very little love from me, but I don’t think they have very elite players. A good team, no doubt, but alone the players don’t stand out. I like this lineup.