Was Matt Schaub better than Peyton Manning in 2009?

I was reflecting on the AFC South in 2009 and remembered the outstanding season Matt Schaub had. I also remember the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning going to the Super Bowl. So I wondered, Who was the better QB in 2009?

Matt Schaub threw for 4,770 yards with 29 TDs and 15 interceptions. He finished the year with a very good 98.6 QB Rating.

Peyton Manning threw for 4,500 yards with 33 TDs and 16 interceptions. He finished the year with an almost identical QB Rating of 99.9.

Matt Schaub had a slightly higher average yards per catch of 8.2, while Peyton Manning had 7.9.  Not a lot of difference in these numbers.

Here is why I am leaning toward Matt Schaub as having the better year;

Peyton Manning had Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne. Matt Schaub only had Andre Johnson.

Matt Schaub was hit 92 times and sacked 25 times. Peyton Manning was hit 44 times and sacked 13 times. Does that make Peyton a better QB or Matt Schaub worked under harder conditions?

Matt Schaub had less weapons, was under more pressure and still put up numbers to equal or better Peyton Manning. In my book, Matt Schaub had a better year personally. Peyton Manning had a better year as leader of a team.

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- Tery O’Brien

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  • Trent Dilfer

    When the numbers are this close it all comes down to who’s team played better. The Colts went to the Superbowl, mostly due to Manning. Houston didn’t make the playoffs. Manning had the better year.

  • http://stevewhite2.blogspot.com Steve

    When they study sacks and hits, they’ve found that for the most part the QB is in control. If you get rid of the ball fast, like Peyton, you won’t get sacked much. So Schaud high sack total is probably more a product of bad QBing than a bad O-line.

    Peyton also was a lot more clutch. Remember, his team won 7 straight 4 quarter comebacks. In “win probability added” Petyon led the league with 7.4 while Schaub placed 5th with 4.05.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      I think you are right on point. I think I what I wanted to highlight was how good Matt Schaub actually was in 2009. The best way to do that is to compare him to Peyton Manning.

  • vince young

    was matt schuab better than peyton manning in 09…OR EVER

    i wonder if this blog writer can pass a wonderlic

    • Satisfied Reader

      Keep writing things that Colts fanatics will perceive as a knock on Manning. It’s too funny how quickly they come out of the woodwork to defend the golden child.

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