Why I think the Indianapolis Colts are in touble - Part II

It is hard to post anything about the Indianapolis Colts that spurs a real discussion. The Colts fans who use the Internet show up in force and become the leagues best trolls. Their entire arguement boils down to “If you don’t praise the Colts, you are stupid”. Then, of course, come the obligatory remarks against <fill in your team>. They are in for a big fall and I think the cracks in the team are forming wider and that fall is soon.

Yesterday, I pointed out that the Colts have been spending a lot on their defense. I pointed out the coming contract they will be forced to pay Peyton Manning could place them in a financial straight jacket. Their real problem is with the offensive line. Once that begins to deteriorate, the entire house of cards comes tumbling down. I think it is soon.

In the run game, the Colts offensive line ranked almost last in yards per attempt. They are behind the running capabilities of the Buccaneers, the Redskins, Detroit and Seattle. In fact, in total rushing yards, they are last in the league.

Running to the left, they allowed 21 negative yardage plays, ranking them almost last in the league. The Jaguars had 4 negative yard plays when running left, best in the NFL. When running to the right, they allowed 17 negative yard plays ranking them 21 out of 32. The Jaguars had 6 negative yardage plays, best in the league. It is only when running up the middle did the Colts show  any promise. They only allowed 5 negative yard plays, best in the league. This shows why they paid Jeff Saturday $4 million a year to come back. Well actually $8 million in 2009.

Ryan Diem, the right tackle, makes about $3.7 million a year, but is average at best. Charlie Johnson, the left tackle, is almost the worst in the league. What they depend on is the quick trigger of Peyton Manning to avoid the sacks. It also explains why Joseph Addai won’t show up on anyone’s fantasy league. Neither will Donald Brown. The Colts can’t run the ball. They are a pass only team. This isn’t by choice.

Dallas Clark is their weapon. As a tight end, he ranks 5th in the league in receiving. Reggie Wayne is 6th. If the Jaguars can cover a tight end, the Colts offense becomes a two player offense, Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Shut off Dallas Clark and the Colts go down. 

The Jaguars have invested a lot in bringing pressure on the quarterback. I doubt they will get to Peyton, he is too quick. But if they can contain Dallas Clark and bring some pressure, the Colts are in for a long afternoon. The Jaguars are poised for some good games against the Colts. This is not dreaming, as the trolls like to say, this is simply the facts.

Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis are unhappy with their contracts. They know they represent a good portion of the Colts success. But the Colts have no choice but to hold the line on contract talks. They will be paying a lot to Peyton and have signed everyone else to big contracts. The cracks are forming. Once Peyton gets his big contract, the trouble begins. Peyton can’t do it alone and these guys know it. they will want their money.  The Jaguars saw this in 2008 and have worked to correct it. The Colts are trapped.

Pure and simple, the Colts have problems and the Texans and Jaguars are positioning themselves to take advantage of it. Will they do it? Will the division championship change hands this year? I think it is a very real possibility. Both Houston and Jacksonville played them tough last year taking leads into the 4th quarter. They were gettable, but they were also a championship level team. They hung in there. They hung in all the way into the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Thank you New Orleans!

2010 will be different. The signs of trouble are all over the Colts. Make no mistake, they won’t go down easy, but they can be had. We need Rashean Mathis. Both us and the Texans need all they have, but I think it will be enough. 2010 could be the year we have been waiting for, the end of the Colts domination.  Watch the trolls come out in force then!

- Terry O’Brien

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  • shayan

    Hmm I see what your trying to say..sounds like you really hate the colts… man im a colts fan and i dont have an ounce of hatred towards any of the other AFC south teams.. i do hate the patriots and the chargers though.. you really dont think theyll be able to run the ball this year either? we’ll see… they cant get any worse lol… but i wanna point out reggie wayne and dallas clark arnt the only two options manning has…austin collie and pierre garcon both had breakout years and are a legitimate threat..collie led all rokkies with 7tds during the season and tied harvin for the most receptions(60)…and both garcon and collie took over the playoff games(except for the superbowl lol) when teams blanketed wayne and clark… and we also get anthony gonzalez back this year.. and its unlikley wayne and mathis wont show up for training cam… bill polian has talked to both their agents and told them that a contract this year seems highly unlikely because of the labor situation.. and manning might not even get his contract till late season…so all in all the colts are still pretty much the same team if not better…… but the all the colts talk aside… i do agree with you about the jags and the texans.. you guys get better every year… and every game we play is a close one.. i wouldnt surprised at all if u guys beat us…you guys had a solid defense in 2007.. but kinda fell apart after that.. hopefully it gets back in track..and ur offense has all the pieces…. jones drew is amazing… u guys found a reciever in sims-walker…and david garrard is can get the job done.. he just needs to be a bit more consistent….. good luck this season

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      I actually don’t hate the Colts. They have been very successful for a number of years.

      But team success is cyclical and I see an opportunity for the Jaguars this year.

  • dallas clark

    Im just curious as to why you think this team needs to be ripped when your team has so many problems. you pick a team that just went to the super bowl and your team cant avoid blackouts no matter how many tickets you try and give away or have deals for

    your offensive line was horrid last year. your secondary is crap. your qb is probably on its way out with your draft going for a qb next year. you just picked up a guy who is solid but coming off a major knee injury and you basically have no recievers other than most teams no.2 or 3 in sims walker. your draft was as questionable as any others. your coach is a complete idiot with caring little or any about the offense and his staff is just as questionable with the colts excrap special teams coach and the alcoholic addition as well. your d coordinator is from CLEEEEEEEEEEveland who sucked. your team is rumored for LA every other day and this team is 32nd in marketing of fans across the nation in merchandise sales

    so my question to you is…dont you think you have bigger problems in just concentrating on your own team than tackling maybe the strongest team in all of football. the colts arent going away whether you write one article of idioticy or pt.2 article of idioticy. seriously if you think the colts only have manning …again have you actually watched a colts game??? garcon is going to be a star and collie is solid. you dont get it. this front office is too smart to let it turn into YOUR TEAMs problems.

    keep trying to tell yourself or writing this crap and maybe your fans will believe it but seriously…pt. 2??

    I love the troll line but when you write garbage about teams who are one of the classiest and winningest teams of the last decade you have a hard time selling the trolls will come part. concentrate on your own shortcomings because they are not going away with writing part 2 of the colts are going to get taken down by the jags.

  • BlackoutsOwn

    I am on the edge of my seat for a part 3! Your football knowledge as a whole and unbiased opinions of the Colts and Jaguars is astounding!

    No really. No part 3. I beg you. Do not embarrass yourself further.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Are you guys having a troll convention?

  • dallas clark

    Why I think the Jacksonville Jaguars are in touble – Part I

    the indy defense is going to be tough ISNT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we got bob back. (oh and pretend he wont make a difference) bethea. freeney, mathis, and hughes in the waiting. hayden. a young powers and lacey in the mix. and then theres this guy you fail to mention. PAT ANGERER. sessions isnt even a star and he could wreck havok on them. trouble signs everywhere for garrard to bail out of the 2 play offense of throwing the screen pass to MJD or just handing off. OR when garrard isnt fumbling on the panic scramble. he led the league in qb fumbles. now whose in trouble again??

    yeah lets talk about the other side of the ball of that “weakass” colts team.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Never said the Colts were “weakass”, just the opposite. Simply made an observation that either the Jaguars and/or the Texans have a good chance this year if they play hard and to their ability.

      As a Jaguar fan base, we understand the road to the playoffs goes through Indianapolis. We simply see a chance.

    • Richard

      You do realize that your “though,” speed cover 2 defense was built to work hand and hand with Manning. His clock management skills are half of your defense. To beat yall, the Patriots we’re much more afraid of Manning than the entire defense.

      I don’t think your demise is as eminent as the author suggests, though yall won’t sniff 16 wins in 2010, but I’d love to see how well your “though” defense would play if Manning did indeed get shut down. Or is your man crush on him and other Colts players(nice name Dallas Clark? tool) so bad that you can’t even entertain the possibility of the Colts falling from grace.

  • BlackoutsOwn

    “The Jaguars saw this in 2008 and have worked to correct it. The Colts are trapped.”
    -The Jaguars saw what in 2008 exactly? The bottom of the division? What trapped the Colts and where? What? Huh?

    “Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis are unhappy with their contracts. ”
    -But, will both play in 2010. You know this and so do I. Don’t pretend.

    “They are in for a big fall and I think the cracks in the team are forming wider and that fall is soon.”
    -These cracks are nothing compared to the giant cracks in the Jaguars. Don’t pretend. All teams have cracks. Some are smaller then others. The Colts cracks are the smallest in the AFC South if you can excuse the disgusting mental image.

    “Dallas Clark is their weapon”
    -The only one? I hope someone tells him this soon so he realizes he has to catch every ball next season.

    “Their real problem is with the offensive line. Once that begins to deteriorate, the entire house of cards comes tumbling down. I think it is soon.”
    -The o line declined as soon as Tarik Glenn retired after the SB win. And then followed a 13 win season, a 12 win season and a 14 win season with a SB appearance. Don’t pretend here. You know the o line has been lackluster for a few seasons now and we still contend. Imagine though if *gasp* the o line gets better? Is it allowed? Can the Colts actually get better too to compete with the Jaguars?

    ” I doubt they will get to Peyton, he is too quick.”
    -I doubt they get to Peyton either.

    “The Jaguars had 4 negative yard plays when running left, best in the NFL”
    -Great. How many wins did the Jaguars have last year? Congrats on your run stats.

    “. Both Houston and Jacksonville played them tough last year taking leads into the 4th quarter. ”
    -Congrats to Houston and Jax for having a lead in the 4th quarter in their losses.

    “They will be paying a lot to Peyton and have signed everyone else to big contracts.”
    -Good. Keep the studs around.

    ” They are behind the running capabilities of the Buccaneers, the Redskins, Detroit and Seattle”
    -This is a concern for the Colts. But, likely a bigger concern for the Skins, Lions and Seahawks. How many wins did those teams have last year compared to the Colts?

    “If the Jaguars can cover a tight end, the Colts offense becomes a two player offense, Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Shut off Dallas Clark and the Colts go down. ”
    -Easier said then done to shut down Clark. Or Wayne. However the best D in the league last year the Jets did limit Wayne and Clark in the AFCCG. Garcon and Collie killed them.

    “Both us and the Texans need all they have, but I think it will be enough. ”
    -So, are the Texas and Jaguars joining together in a fight to beat the Colts together next year or something? Are the Titans not invited?

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Thank you for reading the entire article!

      • Luke

        HAHAHA! I loved his retorts to the article.

        Really, they were quite funny, and it was a good response throughout to what was written. The Colts aren’t going to just fall apart. They’re too good. Best franchise in the NFL, hands down.

  • dallas clark

    the bottom line

    we have no.18 and you DON’T.

    in other words YOU ARE @ # $ & ed

  • Henry

    It’s only a matter of time before these Colts fans experience what us Jags fans experienced in 07′.

  • dallas clark

    not even the texans AND the jags can save del bozo from pulling a week 7 till the end of the season…Ive lost control of my team. AGAIN!

    yeah lets make pt. 3 about the coaches!

  • Henry

    “Dallas Clark” (If that’s his real name) has no right to call anyone, and I mean anyone, an idiot.

  • Henry

    Tracy Porter is my hero!

  • dallas clark

    “only a matter of time.”

    that same excuse going on strong since 2008.

    try something else. peyton is 34 he could go ten more years. he wont but he could.

    and in 2015… its not going to matter because your team will have left jax 3 years ago and the LA jags wont care about indy because realignment has taken place right along with the weaver cashing in

  • dallas clark

    RJ soward is mine

    • Henry

      RJ Soward is the best you could come up with? We’ve got a clever one here, folks!

  • Henry

    “Only a matter of time” isn’t an “excuse”, it’s pure speculation. What I see in your behavior (and many of your counterparts) is this cockiness and confidence that can lead to huge disappointment. Good luck to you this year, and by you I don’t mean the Colts. They have enough luck, by you I mean you “Dallas Clark”(If that’s your real name). I think you my friend would take a huge disappointment from your beloved Colts a little too hard.

  • dallas clark

    Whatever, MAN.

    YOUR team the JAGWADS won’t beat the Colts this year.

    We have PEYTON MANNING, the best QB to EVER play the game.
    Yeah our O-Line is atrocious, but we have PEYTON MANNING.
    Our defense is average at best, but we have PEYTON MANNING.
    We only beat the Jaguars in week 14 because of a fluke special teams play, but we have PEYTON MANNING.


    And last but not the least, my buttbuddy

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      You do have Peyton Manning and you have every right to be proud of him. The same of Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis and Bob Sanders. An excellent collection of talent.

      You have had a long period of success and have every right to be proud of that as well.

      Good luck this season.

  • Defence

    O-line??????? 10 sacks allowed last year. Seriously??? There is one way to beat the colts and that’s keep Manning off the field period. Beefing up the Defense is a good idea.

  • Patrick

    Sacks were cause “Fall Down when the rush is coming at me” Peyton throws the ball away and pisses his pants. You colts fans keep saying we are the blind ones but you lick the used jock strap of a guy that chokes in the playoffs. He won’t be in the hall of fame cause they only accept winners there.

    Personally, I hate the colts. Any team that was acquired by stealing from Baltimore is crap in my opinion. “Look at what we stole, we love it”. Peyton is still pissed he could never beat Florida when he was in college.

    Let the moronic comebacks start with Dallas.

  • ColtsFan1

    Patrick, Peyton will certainly be in the HOF. And it is hard to win in the playoffs all the time. I know this. You know this. You can’t just have a great QB. You need the team around him. A little luck and health never hurt either. The Colts did well last year with a new head coach and injuries and other factors. I was still proud of the year they had.

    I was upset when we lost to the Saints but not as much as I thought I would be. I have a lot of respect for Brees and the Saints truly were the other best team in the league last year so I don’t feel we got beaten by any scrubs. If we had lost to say those 2006 Bears when we were there yeah I might have had a tough time getting over it LOL.

    Maybe the Jags do have a shot next year at the playoffs. I personally feel the AFC is getting a little weaker and the NFC is becoming a stronger conference again. The Patriots and Chargers might be the real teams in the AFC you want to point to in terms of having real cracks showing lately. Same with the Steelers. If the Jags D improves I could see them having a shot.

    I don’t go into any AFC South game any season thinking it’s a given the Colts win. Usually we pull these games out but most of the time they are tough grinding wins and we have more poise or talent in the end to overcome.

    The Colts went 6-0 in the division last year and I can’t expect that to happen again. We did the same in 2005 and it did not happen again until last season.

    I actually get more nervous playing the Jags over the Titans or Texans. I do not trust Vince Young and Chris Johnson for some reason never kills us like he does other teams. And the Texans seem to have the Colts in their heads a lot and never have the D to truly stop us in the end.

    The Jags always run the ball well against the Colts no matter how much the Colts D has improved there.

    But, until proven otherwise I feel the Colts are the best in the AFC South and maybe the entire AFC. However I could see 2 or 3 playoff teams from the South again happen.

    If the Jags improve the pass rush they very well could be our toughest competition.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      Everything you wrote is true.

      • Patrick

        I agree with him as well

  • dallas clark

    dallas clark says:
    June 18, 2010 at 5:59 am
    Peyton Manning is overrated. The Jaguars should beat the Colts next year!

  • jeff saturday

    yes dallas clark says that the 4 time MVP is overrated. not even the dumbest jag player would say that. the dumbest jag fan YES but player, NO

    the jaguars should beat the cleveland browns but do they?

    considering you are 4-14 all time against the colts id be picking another team to be spouting off. how about the titans. isnt that YOUR REAL RIVAL anyways. pick a team who you closer resemble. that would be the titans. no qb. their d is suspect. and the only player who worth anything is their rb.

    and this whole idiot column was written because the colts are going down BECAUSE ??????????

    yes the no.9 rated offensive line compared to the all powerful 22nd ranked JAGS!


    stop while you are behind.

    • Richard

      Says the loser pretending to be colts players.

    • Hugh

      Yeah reference an article by Jason Cole because he is the go to source for talent ranking.

  • Hugh

    If you know a better source on the internet for talent ranking than PFF, tell me because I’d love to look at it.


    Sort that by pass block and look at overall.

    Hardly 9th. Even Cole’s article says this is largely in part of Manning.

    I wouldn’t be so confident with this O-Line if I were a Colts fan.

  • Mike Florio

    Hey, hey, hey,

    Can’t we all just get along? You realize there are issues with the Colts offensive line but there are many issues with the defense and offense of the Jaguars.

    The critical assessment of the Colts O-line is fair…You do have to realize they have gotten bigger, badder and meaner up front so it is going to be tougher to get pressure on Peyton than a lot of people think.

    Great games will commence between these two teams. I can’t wait, let the best team win!!