Where are you going to get Jaguar Tickets?

I want to explain something that may be new to you. In the past, we could wait for the mini-packs to come out and pick our favorite 4 home games. If we didn’t want the four games, we waited for the single game tickets and bought the games we wanted to see.  Simple, no hassle, no rush. Right?

That isn’t the game Wayne Weaver and the Jaguars want to play anymore and this year might be different. Consider this… what if all but 4,000 seats are sold to season ticket holders? Season ticket holders get first crack at single game tickets. The Denver game? Sold out before you get a chance. The Indianapolis game? Sorry, sold out before you knew what happened. Monday night Titans? Nope, sorry. Philadelphia? Cleveland? Sorry, no tickets, try stub hub.  We do have a few left over for Oakland, but you better buy now.  You hang up on the ticket office and wonder what happened.

The way things have been are not the way things are going to remain, not if Wayne and Tony have anything to say about it.  They want EVERY Jaguar ticket sold before you get a shot at it. Want a ticket? Buy a season ticket, it is your only chance to see the Jaguars. Well, you can always go to the Stadium and get some from “local” vendors. Might pay a bit extra. Might not find 4 together either.  Take your chance.

Here are the facts, about 11,000 season tickets remain to be sold. June will sell about 4,000 of them. July is the biggest month traditionally, maybe 5,000 sold.  That leaves about 2,000 tickets left. The 48,000 season ticket holders have first bid on those seats. My wife asks me all the time if I got 4 tickets to Denver for her brother and father and friends. They aren’t on sale yet and my never be. I am getting nervous.  Yes, Jaguar tickets are becoming hard to get, or are about to become so.

If you were counting on buying them because you always could, you might be surprised. It might not be that way any more.  You would be better off right now buying season tickets and selling the games you don’t want than waiting to buy the ones you do. It might be the best route to take.  Just guessing and I might be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

- Terry O’Brien

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  • zoltanfrombudapest

    What you describing in this is the biggest relief for every Jaguars fan who worry about the franchise in North Florida.

    I must say; Gene&Jack must do EVERYTHING to put together the best Jaguars team in years. Why? Beacuase if they do;and they do winning against very tough teams; these people WILL STAY. This will be a key season!

  • JagHack

    I hope you’re right!

  • Patrick

    See what I am picturing is the way the stadium used to sound when we were the loudest stadium in the league. The sound is deafening and voices will become horse around the time the stop selling beer. And most of them in Teal. Late 90′s was a blast, and it made me a Jag fan so I know it will do the same this time around for the rest.

    • http://www.blackandteal.com tkopa

      That is the dream. Thanks for writing!

  • CatHouseCrazy

    Very interesting. I hope it goes this way, but I think we are still a year away from this kind of ticket demand. I believe extending the 30/30 program really took a lot of summer buyers of the market early. I think the june/july sales numbers will be good, but not great. I hope people understand how lucky we are to have the only NFL team who does in house ticket financing packages (and have for years) and interest free at that. Over half of th NFL team don’t even let you pay in full on a credit card as they don’t want to give up the vendor fees. Cash or check, paid in full only outside of Duval for the most part.
    I have a good friend who has come down almost every year to go to a game with me. He has always been amazed that we can get a walk up scalper ticket for him for a twenty spot. Every time. He made a very telling statement to me a few years ago when we briefly had ticket list starting. He said this team will be safe to stay here in Jax when you can no longer get a walkup ticket without paying full price or more from a scalper. Just so. I don’t see that happening this year.