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Don Carey in Mini Camp (Part II)

Yesterday we looked at Don Carey in one-on-one coverage. This is an important drill because offensive coordinators can design isolation schemes to get particular match-ups. If Don Carey shows weakness in this area, he will be targeted. 

Not all defensive coverage ends up in one-on-one match-ups. A lot of times the read and react skills of a player determine whether a play is successful. Here is Don Carey covering Jarret Dillard over the middle. 

Don Carey picks up Jarret Dillard over the middle





The ball is coming.


Jarret has sure hands. Don needs to make a play


Bring him down Don!



Don Carey will probably make it on special teams for 2010.  I doubt he will see any significant playing time. However, if he really develops, there are current openings into the defensive secondary.  Good luck Don, we need a play maker. 

- Terry O’Brien 

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  • acedarney

    As a first year guy, Carey is probably doing as well as you should expect a 6th round pick to perform. I definitely agree that he makes this team on special teams and then is allowed to grow into the nickel or dime corner.

    • acedarney

      He could also try his hand at safety if he’s needed there.